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Sep 15, 2020
I recently applied for study permit on September 10 through SDS for Fall 2020. I applied quite late because it was not until August 15 did I receive the LOA.
My program already started in September 8. Right now I am studying online without neither AIP nor Study Permit.
I ask my university about my situation and they told me that I can get full refund if my study permit application get rejected by October 17. And also I cannot defer my LOA to Jan 2021 :(. So literally I only have weeks left. I know that at this time, it takes a long time to process application. So what should I do if until October 17, I am not received any notice from IRCC? :(.

*side note about my background: I got visitor visa in December 2019 to participate in an exchange program in BC for a semester. So I already have my biometric and medical exam. Does this make my study permit application process faster?
Can u please update? I am in the same situation bro