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Students for September 2019 intake


Full Member
Jul 19, 2019
I have been waiting for 112 days. My course begins on the 1st of september and I Still haven't received my visa. I have tried everything ranging from calling IRCC(who couldn't help me because my file is being processed in Delhi) to sending emails and webforms to the Delhi High commission who did not respond to any of the emails or webforms.

Shiraz Nizami

Jul 4, 2019
Hi dear, I also have the same timeline. Applied on 25th July, bio on 29th July and medical cleared on 7th August.

After that no update. I am enrolled at Herzing college too and classes on 9 th sept. Background check is in process for last 2-3 weeks. Any hopes when will I get approval?
It’s random. I don't know how they do it.
Aug 24, 2019
Hi all, need some clarification. Please help

My study permit was recently approved and will be valid until my passport expiry date i.e., January 2. 2020.

I will apply for a new passport on urgent notice and will be taking it with me to Canada when I leave next week.
  • When I get the new passport, will it cancel out my current one with the study permit? Will I still be able to use my current one to enter Canada?
Now, I believe I will have to apply for a Study Permit Extension in October while I am in Canada. Other than my parents' bank statements etc, what other documents will I have to provide??

I just checked the checklist and it mentions that I will have to provide my Medical Results as well. I completed my Medical examination this July after I received the request to provide for study permit application. Why am I being asked to provide them again?? Is it mandatory to provide them for every Extension?

Really appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance