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Spouse Sponsorship Online 2021


Sep 11, 2021
Hello. In IMM 5669 (background) (this is the form we can fill out online in a browser) they ask about education. My university name, field of study name - they all exceed maximum amount of characters in the field. Do you know how to deal with it?


Sep 15, 2021
@karandash yup, that's right, but there's no other option as it's Feild validation in online... Also the abbreviation not using could be something for the older way, paperbased application...


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Sep 13, 2021
Hi so i checked the new service from that portal,
  • Provincial nominee program (non-Express Entry)
  • Rural and northern immigration pilot
  • Agri-food pilot
  • Atlantic immigration program
  • Start-up visa
  • Self-employed people (federal and Quebec)
  • Quebec-selected skilled workers, entrepreneurs and investors
  • Sponsoring a spouse, partner, dependent child or other family
  • Adopting a child through the immigration process
  • Protected persons and convention refugees in Canada
  • Humanitarian and compassionate grounds
  • Temporary resident permit holders applying for permanent residence
  • Home Support Worker Pilot
So it did'nt mention about the express entry program so i guess US citizen cannot apply for PR looking at the above list.

Since you said your husband is living in Canada, if he is a PR then definitely he can sponsor you through this "Sponsoring a spouse, partner, dependent child or other family" and yes he can create a an online account "https://prson-srpel.apps.cic.gc.ca/en/login" and submit the application online instead of paper application.
Thanks so much for your response. We are not looking at Express Entry.
We are more concerned about the part of the website that I quoted in my original post abut having to be in Canada. My question is... Can I apply for my husband to sponsor my PR to Canada...online instead of mailing it all in?


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Oct 30, 2018
I just submitted my application online today!
Hi stephaniekh,

I'm about to submit my online application, but I'm having some questions about IMM1344 Application to sponsor form, which is the only form If I am correct that has a validate option.

How did you go about validating and signatures in this form? As in, did you use a digital signature and then validated the form or did you validate the form, print the form, get yours and your spouse's sign, scan it and upload it?

Any directions help! Thank you for your time!
Jul 23, 2021
I validated the forms but if you are doing the online application after validating it states if you are applying online you do not need to sign the sign the application form by hand, you would be asked to provide an el signature once you are ready to transmit your documents to CIC