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SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office


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Jul 24, 2019
I just got an email from London office asking for:

Schedule A: A separate and newly completed Schedule A Background Declaration form (IMM 5669) bearing an original signature.

CV/Resume: A document containing a detailed description of your education, qualifications and employment experience.

I am December 2018 applicant and got pre-arrival letter on Oct 9 2019. Does anyone know why would they request it? Complete background info was sent in when I sent my application.

Owais Iqbal

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Jan 20, 2014
Salaam everyone,
I am new to the forum and am in the process of collecting all the supporting documents for my application that prove that the relationship between my husband (PA) and I is genuine. It is an Outland Sponsorship from Pakistan and I have a few questions:

1. Do all supporting documents like Account Maintenance Letter, Passport Entry/Exit stamps from visits to each other, receipts from wedding preparation have to be notarized?

Particularly, I am thinking about proof of visits; my husband (PA) and I have always travelled to Pakistan to meet, which is a third location for both of us. I don't have all the boarding passes for these trips so I would be relying on passport entry and exit stamps for myself and the husband to show that we were in a common location. I was thinking to scan all the entry and exit stamps, input them on Microsoft Word and make it very simple for case officer to follow all the visits; has anyone tried this method instead of putting photocopes in? And should I get all the pages notarized/attested before scanning and putting it on Word?

2. I was thinking of scanning all the documents and putting them on a word file describing each proof as it corresponds to each requirement in the checklist. Has anyone tried this method instead of putting photocopies in the file? Any other method that makes the proof straightforward for LVO to understand?

Thank you for all your help!

I think your method is pretty good. The easier you make it for the case officer to follow your timeline, the better chances you have to sail through the process smoothly. If it makes sense to provide a little explanation and would improve the flow of information, I would say go for both things you mentioned above.

Good luck!


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May 3, 2018
hi I am in the same position. My husband who resides in Egypt received an email 2 days ago from IRCC to have an earlier spousal interview date In London. Option 2 was an interview in 6-12 months in Islamabad or Abu Dhabi. We have to apply for a visa for him to go to London. Its very hard for Egyptians to get visas anywhere but based on what you said I have more Hope now. Did you do your interview in Islamabad? What was it like? I’m thinking of accompanying my husband if we get the visa and then an interview date to London. Would like any advice or suggestions you can provide.
Yes we attended interview on islamabad. Interview focused on relationship and red flags.


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Sep 15, 2007
Hi everyone.

I’m planing to sponsor my wife and my daughter soon. My wife resides in Pakistan with my kids and my mother. We got married back in 2012. We have two kids in common 6 years old daughter who goes to school in Islamabad and 3 years old son. Time my son was born in Islamabad I was Canadian citizen so he has Canadian citizenship certificate now. I only need to apply to sponsor my wife and daughter. Being married for few years , two kids in common , one has Canadian citizen certificate how smooth is going to be an application process and they will go through interview process also?
You [SPR] will be sponsoring your Wife [PA] and daughter [DEP]. Your son is exempted from application as he is CC (first generation born abroad).

It's all about you guys showing proof of your marriage being genuine. Having children is an added benefit, but that alone is not enough to prove marriage is genuine. If :
  • your wife and children live together with you (child),
  • this is first marriage for both (no previous marriages),
  • you guys are married for minimum TWO years (min. 2 years),
  • currently living together (living together)
Then you guys don't have to show any additional proof. If Visa Officer request for it, then you have to show more proof of Cohabitation, such as joint ownership of residential property, Rental agreement with PA + SPR's names, joint utility bills/credit cards/bank accounts, Vehicle Insurance with PA + SPR's names with shared address, Govt. issued ID's showing same address or any other doc. showing same address, regardless of accounts being joint or not.

If not living together, then you guys have to show proof of relationship being continuous by showing Letters, texts, emails, social media activities, proof of SPR visiting PA (air tickets, stamps, used boarding passes), etc.

For children, provide their Birth Certificates.