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SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office



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Jun 21, 2019
How does province you are applying to affect your application speed ? Why is it being heard that now process of getting visa has speed up ? And what is the normal time line for spouse visa these days ?

Maverick _Khan

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Feb 10, 2019
Hello everyone !!
My father's refugee claim was accepted in oct 2016 and was granted PR in feb 2018 now my father said LONDON office wants the document of my mother.brother & sister (National ID Copies,Pictures,Police Character Certificate,proof of relationship etc).
Now i am confused what does it means? Is our family are accepted for immigration if yes then how much it will take time to process our info or if not accepted then what will happen next... PLEASE HELP


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Dec 11, 2014
I had my medical done on 18th June today day they updated my gckey but they put my previous medical date which was October 2015. Any one had that problem?