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spousal sponsorship for egyptian

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by fox82, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. hi there
    i wanted to start this topic ,,, for all egyptian spoused who are sponsord by canadian partner,,
    i am being sponsord by my wife and we were approved from CIC -M more than 2 monthes ago and it said application is sentto cairo office for PR visa but till now we heard nothing from cairo office,,,is it too long or am still within normal times ,,, anybody has experince with cairo office plz share it
  2. Hey Fox,
    You're still within time range i dont think u've any reason to worry.

    It took my application almost 3 months to start processing in Cairo after being approved from CPC-M.

    If you've any concerns let me knowi might be able to help with my experience with Cairo visa office.
  3. thx for ur reply Mainagui,,,

    yes ofcourse have concerns,,let me ask u ,,are u still in process or u got ur visa done and plz let me know ur timeline ,,i just want to how long approximatly it might took ,,,and yes started beiing worried its 2 monthes and half and still no AOR,,,ummm hope nothing bad
    thx for ur attention
  4. I applied July 26th 2010 in CPC-M and it was approved on September 6th,then file sent to cairo.
    Cairo visa office started processing on October 14th and then they finally sent asking for my passport on December 20th and they received it On January 3rd (cuz of the holidays) and I received it back on January 12!!

    By the way, I never received any AORs, I even never got any notes stating my file number I had to email them requesting my file number!!
  5. thx for share ur time line Mainagui

    thats really seems nt bad ,,,ur time line is good
    so they didnt ask u to add any additional documents ..ur application was complete with all supporting documents ?
    and let em ask you did u send pics , e mails ,letters etc which proofe ur marriage is genuine or what u sent exactlly ??
    sorry just want to make sure that my file was complete ,,i dont need any delaying in this process..
    so what about ur application statue online e-case ,, was there any updates during the process time ,,??
    as u say u never got any AORs ,

    it is a damn waiting game and i dont know when its done or whats going on .... :(
  6. Yes I sent out everything that may have supported my situation, pix, phone bills & emails.

    Concerning the e-cas yea it changed 4 times once to "in process" and when CPC-M approved "decision made" and then when they started processing it in cairo "in process" and finally "decision made" again when they were done with it.

    Sadly u've got nothing to do but waiting.

    Good luck !
  7. yes nothing can do but waitingggggg

    i sent evrything as well pics ,emails, letters phone bills ..etc and also all supporting ducoments birth certificates,family record composition "kaed 3a2ely" , military certificate , ID card etc ,,
    do you think thats enough Mainagui??

    so u say it might take 3 monthes to see any new updates on e-case ...,it seems kinda long for me but it been 2.5 monthes till now but what can i do ..just waiting
  8. Of course you did send the marriage certificate right?

    And all of these documents should be translated and authorized from "maktab elkhargeya"

    I just wanna know, its been 2.5 months since you sent it to CPC-M or since they transferred your file to cairo?
  9. yes ofcourse i sent the marriage certificates ,translated and authorized from egyptian foriegn affairs ""maktab el khargeya"" and canadian embassy in cairo ,,and all others supporting documents were translated and authorized by "maktab el kharegya "

    concerning the e-case ..it has been 2.5 monthes since i got first approval from CPC-M and they said it was sent to cairo office..2.5 monthes to transfer my file to cairo... isnt that long time??
  10. No i'm telling u it took around same time with my application, i was approved on September 1st (and the status changed on the e-case informing me that they sent my file to Cairo) and it wasnt till November 13th when i was able to view my status online.

    Now you've to consider the holidays period it can delay the process BIIIG TIME, because they were closed for Christmas, New Year's and Eastern Christmas and unfortunately all these holidays were on either Fridays or Saturdays so they had to take Sundays,Mondays and sometime Tuesdays as compensation for these days off.

    And by the way, your status begins to appear on the e-case website when they start processing your file now when they receive it, so maybe they have received it but you're still in queue to be processed.

    One thing this whole experience taught me is "PATIENCE" try to take the whole "immigration" issue outta ur head and everything will happen just on the right time.
  11. yes Maingui
    ..it does make sense yes, there were alot of holidays you are right ..that might make addtional time
    i didnt think of this before ,,,but what made me worried that i have some friend same case like me and his e-case statue was updated to "in process" and also got AOR in aproximatelly 7 weeks since it was transferred from CPC-M to cairo ...
    nt sure when i start to worry alot after how long time i start get worried ? and what i might do ?? e mail them or let me spouse call or what ,,, just alot in mind and nothing can be done but waiting

    i know evry case is individual and theres no certain time to ur application done ,,which make it worse lol
  12. yea every case is different as you said ur friend received an AOR while i didnt..!

    The best approach is for you to wait like 2 more weeks then have your wife email them using this web form "case specific enquiry" found on the cairo visa office contact us page.

    But I'm telling you, you're still within the time frame they set and you shouldn't worry now, maybe after 6 months have elapsed and you've heard nothing from them.

    And a little tip for you, be sure that your process should be over before a year had passed since you've had your medical examination! ( i assume you'd it and sent it already among the other documents.)
  13. yes i think i should wait 2-3 more weeks before e mail them,,hope in this time i hear some thing from cairo office

    and yes i did the medical eximanation and sent it with the kit also we paid all the fees as well(processeing fees+ PR fees )to avoid any delay ,, just nt sure it might happen and takes longer than a year so i will need to medical again ...really they put no rules at all
  14. Yea you're right they have no rules about it but its their goal that the applications would take from 6 to 12 month, specially the family class sponsorship and that you applied from outside Canada.
    I know how exhausting waiting can be but just try to take it off your mind,though its hard to do, I've been there & I feel for you !

    The other downside is that you can't visit canada during the process unless you've applied for a visa before you filed your application and this visa is still valid.
  15. well yes nothing to do but waiting at least for now ..thx Mainagui..u make me more patient

    do u have any other experince with cairo office for other people ,, what were thier time line?

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