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Spousal open work permit



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Jul 26, 2018
I applied on 10 Dec
Biometric done and updated on 13 Dec
Medical pass on 31 Dec
Review started on 1 Dec
When I should expect my result.


Jun 16, 2019
Hi Everyone,
Please I applied for SOWP for my spouse on 25th of October 2019. Eligibility review started and Upfront medical passed on Nov.20th. Received BVL since Dec. 4th and no update since then??? What can we do pls...


Apr 2, 2019
I applied for my wife on Sept 11 2019 her application was approved on Dec 9 2019... note she was in Canada already on Visitor Visa. Good Luck
Hello, I am also on visitor visa currently in Canada and planning to apply for SOWP. Can you please tell me if your wife had submitted upfront medicals. Also how did you apply? Online or paper based.


Dec 3, 2019
My wife applied for her OWP on the 13th of December. She is currently on a Study permit and her study will finish in April 2020. She already applied for PR(family class, submitted 8th of October) and the OWP is based on that. Although we applied separately for PR and OWP by mail.
My worry is whether the processing for OWP will finish before her current study period. We applied early as we are planning to visit back home in July and she won't have any valid status then. Are they going to hold it or reject the application?
I would really appreciate your help and suggestion.

khushwant singh

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Dec 23, 2019
No one can predict it's all depends upon visa verification officers. Some process very quickly some process very slowly.
For me i applied October 5th
I know some of them applied on 3rd, 7th October and till yet not receive any approval. Waiting is the only one option.
Did you apply inland or outland? You or anyone you know got visa or still waiting?