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Sponsor criminality as a minor


May 21, 2021
Hi everyone can ponga or Scylla or anyone else please help me.
Sponsor had an assault charge at 15 years old for punching a guy who called him a “paki” sponsor is now 31 . On the form where it asks have u been convicted for any serious violent offense , should this be declared? Are minors records still shown and is it considered “serious “ offense? TIA


Hero Member
Feb 5, 2020
Vancouver, BC
Yes, you should declare this. You can also include a brief note explaining that it was an isolated incident when the sponsor was a youth, and nothing like this has happened since (if this is the case - NEVER lie or exaggerate). If IRCC has any issues with this incident they'll ask for more information.

If this is indeed a lone incident you should be fine. If there's a history of minor or major offences this could be a problem.