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special needs child-ds

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by worrie-ds, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. hi all!!!my daughter has down syndrome...heard that it is a risk for our application as PR becoz of her...
  2. why? because of her medical condition? nah, i dont think so.. DS is not a contagious disease but a condition. now you have to prove them that your daughter is harmless. let a child developmentalist prove it.

  3. thanx!!!we had our medicals done last may2012 together i submitted a 2d echo results from her cardio stating that she need not to have surgery as the hole is closing..a note from a developmental pediatrician as well as school notes from her school...we also received a medical furtherance for her a month after our medical that she would undergo psychological test to check if she needs speech therapy,occupational therapy and physical therapy..the psychologist stated that she doesnt need those as she can speak and understand english...she can write..and the recommendation from the psych test was she should be in a special school with a class not more than 10 students and a yearly check up from a pediatrician...until now we havent receive any notice from cem and ou ecas is still in process...3 months from now our medical will expire and am kindda worried if we will be granyed a visa or not..i lift everything to HIM as HE knows whats best!!!
  4. Hi ! Hows your application now? By the way, how old is your child? I have a son with autism but he is very verbal, no medical issues and doing good in school. In short he has very mild autism. I am also a bit worried be cause I am still waiting for the Medical Request from CEM. I am the sponsor here in Canada.

  5. Hopefully your application is ok now and granted PR alreADY. thanks
  6. hi there!!!as of the moment we are still waiting for our PPR..next month our medicals will expire..sooo worried already and anxiety level is high!!!last january i sent an email to the embassy for status inquiry and the next day i received an email from them that the medical furtherance of my daughter is still being reviewed by the senior medical officer....still continue to pray hard and hope that God will grant us the desires of our heart....today,i sent an email again to follow up and if they can expidite the processing as our medicals will expire next month..we barely have 1 and half month..i believe that God's answer to our prayers maybe delay but HE is always on time!!!!btw,my daughter is 9 y.o..very trainable..speaks english...she can write and read!God bless our family!!!
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  7. In His perfect time :) Ours will also expire on May 23 ! "Thy Will be Done"
  8. Hi worrie-ds Please can you share your experience. Did you get the PR visa in the end ?

    The reason I am asking is that I had our medicals in London UK today (myself, wife and 2 sons), and the doctor said my youngest son seems to have Autism which we are already aware of. She also said she will let immigration know and they will contact us.

    I just wanted to know how much chance of getting the visas we have. I applied for federal under the Quebec program.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  9. hi linkers!!till now waiting mode pa rin....it's in God's hands already...thy will be done!!!!
  10. Hi Dear,
    Appreciate if you can advice final outcome of the case as I am also going through now what you have already gone by.
  11. hi vishaal!!!i received a fairness letter last nov and sent my reply last jan...til we are on the waiting mode...whatever the decision of the v.o....we are open..if its a positive one...thats miracle and a blessing..but if its negative..for sure God has other or much better plans for us!What is your case by the way?you can pm me...
  12. Hi worrie-da!!! Just want to ask how is it now ? Did they allow you to go to Canada?

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