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Should I wait or should I apply for PR now?

Feb 2, 2020
So, first I'm probably going to be heading to Canada around September 2020, I applied to several schools for a master's degree, and I'm certain one of them will say yes. I asked about this in another forum someone told me I should consider applying now. I started doing the numbers with the CRS tool and Federal Skilled Workers Program and things are good but not as great as they could be, if I wait I know I could get a ton more points.

I'm a sr. software engineer, with a 4-year degree, 2 years of experience, I got ahead because I'm very dedicated to my career. I'm also learning French, I started learning about 4 months ago, while I'm still a beginner I'm getting closer to intermediate, I have also been speaking English for most of my life.

I scored an 8 on IELTS:
Listening: 9,
Reading: 9,
Writing: 7,
Speaking: 8

Right now, I checked and I qualify for the Federal Skilled Workers Program. My CRS score is not all that great its 416 right now. If I were to score very well on the TEF, I can get it to 470, after my degree I'd have a 500, if I have a job offer and one year of experience I'd have about 628. I'd be 29 by that time.

I'm also a native Spanish speaker, although I doubt that can help me and I've got know-how, money and resources which will no doubt be a great help to survive in Canada. My plan is also to open a business after my degree, I don't know how it will happen but I'm willing to live in a studio apartment for the next 5-10 years if that's what is necessary to get it done.

So, what should I do? Should I try to apply now? Are there any options with any PNP programs? I'm just looking for advice now, but I'd appreciate it if someone could give me some.


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May 15, 2017
First at all, it is good that you seem to have a plan, but make sure you take one step at the time, otherwise you will feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to do.

416 won't get you anywhere unless you get a PNP nomination, which is uncertain.

Your fastest path is to finish learning French and then take the TEF test, assuming that what you mention of reaching 470 points is accurate. But be careful with the timing here, because your IELTS results might be expired by the time you get a decent TEF score and create your EE profile (they expire after two years).

You still have a good age and the fact that you will get a Master's degree will definitely help you, so you have plenty of options. But it will take time and you will need to be patient.

Feb 2, 2020
I see. I know that the IELTS expires, I have to take it again anyway, I took the academic IELTS and they ask for general training, that is a problem for another time, however. I figure I should be able to get a good French score after 1-2 years studying the language. I already started in my home country, but when I get accepted, I plan to focus on that as well in my free time. Hopefully at the end of this year, I'll be at an intermediate level.

Also, what about the startup visa? I'm definitely up for that, and it is really my end goal to create a business. If I were to get funding from investors and a real company rolling with a real business plan, is that all that's needed to apply for that visa? I'm hedging my bets on that, but I figure if I'm going to be doing that anyway, I might as well make an attempt.