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Short term health insurance in BC?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by settlementq, May 13, 2009.

  1. A new immigrant does not have insurance for the first 90 days in BC.

    Could someone please point to an economic private health insurance.

  2. Check out Manulife or Great Western Life......
  3. Hey, actually I did extensive research on this recently. what i find is that the temporary insurance covers only Emergencies. Regarding Price and coverage, they are all quite similar. Following are some helpful Links. Personally I am thinking to go with coverme.com (I think this same as Manufile) and get the $100,000 insurance.

    Regular visits to Doctor will not be covered. They have walk-in clinics that cost about $100 per visit. Let me know if you can find any cheaper alternatives for non-emergency doctor visits. Also share you thought on your choices.

    http://www.coverme.com (Manulife)





  4. Do not go to a commercial walk-in clinic if you have other options. They tend to be money mills. I used to go to one and they had their price list at the front desk, everything costs $100. I needed an insurance form filled out, $100. A friend of mine had a doctor that did it for him for free. They also milk the provincial insurance by making you come back for countless unneccessary visits. I needed a copy of something from my file, I was willing to pay the cost for the copy but I could not get it without seeing a doctor so I had to wait 45 minutes for the doctor to say ok, you can get this copy. For that they charge the provincial health care system $80 because they can call it a doctors visit.

    Instead try to find a smaller walk-in or just a regular doctor who is taking new patients. You will still have to pay but they may be a lot more reasonable with their prices. I had one in Toronto before I got OHIP, a walk-in but a small one with only one doctor. He would sometimes charge me nothing and sometimes $5 or something.
  5. Does anyone know any reasonable way to visit doctor for non-emergency? in Vancouver? This is for without healthcard.
  6. Hi

    Walkin Clinic

  7. Thanks. I heard that walk-in clinics are like $100 per visit. Is there anything cleaper for example in local community?

    If I suffer from Flu or Bad stomach, and I just need a doctor to prescribe some medicine. is there any cheaper way other than walk-in clinic?
  8. You can buy a lot of medicine over the counter in Canada. You don't need to see a doctor for a flu or a bad stomach. To find out prices of different doctors or walk-ins, ask them. Maybe some are cheaper. My experience, the big ones that have their price lists posted at the front desk will charge you those prices. A smaller clinic or just a single doctor if you find one that is willing to take you on as a new patient would be more willing to negotiate.

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