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Shall I order CSBA Travel History to avoid RQ


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May 27, 2013

I made test/interview for citizenship on Dec 23, 2019,

i passed the test 20/20.

i had a lot of travels to UAE, since my wife and kids live there,

I have valid UAE residency, family sponsored but not elgible for work there under this family sponsorship,

i travelled like 17 trips to direct between UAE and Canada,

at one point i stayed there over a year, when my wife gave birth,

my wife used to have PR when we both came here 1st time in 2013, but she didnt stay here and lost her PR due to not meeting RO.

Currently, i have applied to sponsor them, and their file is sent to London ,UK, VO,after doing medicals and biometrics.

i renewed my PR card in 2018, and got a new one within a short time,

i have 1145 days out of 1095 days,

but ,i made a lot of travels during my eligibilty period.

the officer at the interview, he was very concerned with my Somali passport, as it is not valid for travel to Canada,

and at one point , they stopped me at the airport and IRCC officer asked me not to use it and instead get travel document,

i called IRCC at that time, and they said ,as long as u have valid PR card/status, u can enter Canada regardless of ur passport.

i explained that to the officer at the interview, also told him that UAE doesnt accept temporarily travel documents, only FULL CITIZENSHIP PASSPORT.

also, if i get a travel document, i would have to give my passport which have UAE visa on it,

i felt he understood i am in hard situation, but he said, i want to help u, but i have to do my due deligience and contact the officer who made the note on your file, why he did that,

i told him, that was in 2017, and i was always allowed to enter without an issue,

he insisted to contact him, and said by all means, even if i let u pass ,u will have to wait for the oath which is like 2 months at least, so in the meantime, i need to go through ur case.

he was happy about my job history in canada,in the last 2 years,and said that is a good sign.

and also went thoroughly in my exist/entry stamps,

i gave him the UAE Exist/entry record, and was happy to have it.

now, i am afraid they might either return my application, GOD FORBID.

or will send me a RQ,GOD FORBID.

so,is it good idea to order CSBA record ,since it will take a month to receive it?

if not mistaken, i read somewhere that if IRCC didnt ask for it, it is not advisable to order CBSA report, is this true ?

is this CBSA only for those who visited the US, or it will also shows your entry/exist to Canada to anywhere in the world ?

I gave consent for IRCC to get CBSA reports, how i know if they requested one so i dont overlap or complicate things for myself? will the IRCC phone agenst be able to know if CBSA exist/entry report was ordered by IRCC?

i remember the officer at the intervew was looking at his computer and making a check mark on the physical calculator and also checking my passport for stamps....could .whatever he was looking at on the computer screen be the CBSA report..!!?

thanks all
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Sep 10, 2014
Milton. ON
U r over thinking it. RQ is normally issued to verify that u resided in canada on days u say u did. They normally ask for bank/credit card statements, rental agreements or mortgage papers, pay stubs etc. As far as i think u r good and just stop panicking, let them do their work and wait for them to get back. CBSA records are easily accessible by IRCC so they dont need those from u. Just relax


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Oct 21, 2012
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5th Nov 2014
I don't know

You don't need to order the records as the IRCC can easily get access to your records.

As Zmaqsood said you are over thinking. These days many applicants get RQed so that is the norm. As long as you a have proof for your physical presence for the RQ , there is nothing to worry about. Stop thinking about the whole thing and get busy with something.