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Sds visa refusal , with excellent profile


Oct 10, 2019
Well to be honest, what so ever you have written in your SOP like about financial statement for that you surely need to attach their proof copy.... ask yourself how you will going to judge or decide if someone say he hold this much money etc.... without proof .....

First rule is if you're telling things like this in SOP then you need to attach documents also so that visa officer can look into it verify it to know that person is not lying at all and is genuine....
Brother I have same situation as
Doesn't matter if it has been rejected before, you need to still apply online.
brother help me with my sop I am rejected 1 time


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Sep 24, 2019
Timeline update:
Got GIC certi today started writing SOP, anyone send format or example of it will be appreciated.

Manish Saini

Dec 13, 2019
I got refusal after applying for the first time and tht under sds
My profile :
Btech computer Science 82%
Ielts 7.5,

Got accepted into Conestoga College
In network infrastructure and system administration which is a 2 year post grad program.
I am unable to understand the reason pf my refusal.

My agent , mentioned my parents income in the file that through ITR
.but he didn’t attached income proofs ie itr and jform,
But my agent says that there is no need to attach financial proofs, bcz they hv mentioned it
Facing same problem after excellent profile?
I got the reason tht u wont return and the same reason copied to everyone who gets refusal
Brother I got 3 purpose of visit refusals on the below profile.
10th 70%
12th 72%
Btech Cse 72%
IELTS 7 bands not less than 6

I applied for northern college the courese is Information System business analysis and International business management.
Sometimes Luck matters the most bro


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Aug 24, 2019
My visa has been refused one time, thats why i am applying offline
Maneet did you get your visa ?. I read your whole case it seems to me your agent is not good, because he trying to hide your refusal which will be one of the huge mistakes for the second attempt. another thing is that, For SDS ITR's is important because it will make your case more strong.