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Sample Letter for change of marital status.

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by kshakir, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Dear All,
    My Canada immigration Case is in Final stages, [Medical is done and waiting for passport request], I got married on September 26, 2009 [before my medical].
    I came to know that I need to inform them about my change in marital status otherwise that will cause problems for me.
    please guide me ,
    • How to inform Canada high commission about status update, Is there any form ? [My embassy is Islamabad]
    • Also if I need to send some letter, can anyone provide me some sample letter,
    • Do I need to send some additional document with letter as well [Marriage certificate, photo, my wife passport copy etc ]

    I would appreciate a quick response regarding this. [Any sample letter is highly appreciated as well...
    Thanks in advance...
  2. You should immediately fill update form.

    If you want your wife to accompany with you, you should also pay 550$ application fee for your wife.

    Seniors please help him..........
  3. Thanks,
    Can anyone point me where is that update form ?
  4. Did you include your wife in your original application as a common law partner?
    I don't beleive there is a form to fill out (anyone?) but if she is not included in your original application then this is going to delay your application. You will need to complete all the required forms for your spouse together with an updated proof of funds. I don't think the letter to notify your embassy need to be any fancy. Something like this should work.

    Dear Sir/Madam

    This letter is to inform you that my marital status changed from single to married on the dd/mm/yy.
    I'm now married to my wife Reema Khan and would like her to be included in my application as my dependent. Please let me know what need to be done going forward.


    Attached is my marriage certificate.
  5. Thank you me2Land for posting a response, that is very helpful.
    I didn't include my wife at the time of posting, since I was single at that time.
    I already notified embassy about my change of status through their electronic form along with a letter.

    Thank you again for your kind help...
  6. Hi

    1. You have to read the visa office requirements for Isbad. At the minimum you will have to amend your application, send copies of your spouses passport, proof of the marriage, the fee, her police certificates, Schedule 1, new Imm 5406. See: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/guides/E37020.pdf for the checklist.
  7. Dear kshakir,

    PMM is right.

    You should include your spouse with application right now, send all the document including marriage certificate, passport copy, application fee etc. to accompany your wife with you.

    If you do today, it will be easy to get permanent visa for your spouse.

    If you think you will do application for your spouse after getting you visa, It takes more time to be in canada for your spouse.

    You will have to do entire process for spouse again.........
  8. where can we notify the canadian embassy for the change of status? I id not include my common law partner to my original application. Now i'm lokking into adding him up to be my dependent..pls help, tnx

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