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Renting an apartment without job or credit history

Discussion in 'Housing' started by anujoshi, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. It really depends. Some families might even be living in a studio with 2 bunker beds.
  2. Hi..
    just went through your post.. it is pretty much helpful..
    i would be moving to Edmonton in July this year.. Do you deal in accommodations in Edmonton...or if you know any Realtors there who could help us in renting an apartment.. we do not have any friends or relatives in Canada.. Also no Canadian credit history...
    If possible pls suggest us as to how do we go about hunting an apartment . Also we need to find one in 10 days because we have already booked an apartment on Airbnb only for 10 days...

    Your suggestions, help will be highly appreciated..
    Thank you..

  3. I doubt a realtor from Ontario will be able to help you. As a resident of a neighboring province, I suggest you look at websites such as Kiiji and Rentfaster.ca
  4. For short term stays, check Airbnb or Vacation Rentals By Owner (VRBO) upon initial landing.
  5. Not true actually. If the kids (same as any additional occupants) are not disclosed on the rental application, and then they are living there, the landlord has grounds for an objection.
  6. It has to do with fire code restrictions and safety. And if you are in breach of the contract, you can be given notice to evict. It's not unreasonable to have occupancy restrictions, nor is it illegal.
  7. I'd opt for a 3-bedroom. After a certain age, it's expected the kids won't share the room... but there is no hard and fast rule that will force you to have a 3-bedroom place. You can try for 2-bedroom if that is more comfortable for you and your family, but it is up to the landlord to accept or not.
  8. Hi Kjay, I only work in Ontario (that too - in Toronto and area). Check Realtor.ca for local Realtors - also, check short-term accommodation options on Kijiji for the time being and maybe a more "permanent" rental (1 year lease) once you know where you prefer to stay and where you'll be working, etc. Good luck!
  9. Is there any rentals assistance provided by Ontario government for low income group people ???
  10. You are required to show a certain amount of funds before you immigrate so you can support yourself while finding employment in Canada. In order to qualify for low income housing you would have to have no savings, show your income from the previous year, preference will go to disabled, elderly, family with children, etc. Most cities have very long wait times to receive low income housing. The wait list in Toronto is over 10 years long and over 150,000 households. If you qualified for express entry you are highly skilled and can support yourself or your family. You wouldn't want to live in most low income housing. There are often problems with drugs and gangs and the properties are not well maintained.
  11. They don't check your savings. It's based on income.
  12. If you have just moved to Canada savings will be considered when it comes to qualifying for emergency housing or low income housing. That is why you have to show proof of a certain level of savings when immigrating. The question was about new immigrants. If you have just started a new job or moved to a new city your savings will factor into the decision to qualify for low income housing. If you make no income but you have 1 million in the bank you won't qualify for low income housing. Given there isn't enough supply the big picture is a factor.

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