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Refugee Travel Document Visa - Free countries list.

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Fuad Fikret, Dec 25, 2018.

  1. Hi there.

    I apologize if there is already,discusses about visa free countries list,but Unfortunately i cant find it.
    Also i cant find the exact full list in whole i internet about this.I mean exact for RTD visa free.
    I want travel to Montenegro (visa free country) but there is transit countries like Austria,Netherlands and etc.where I dont know if its ok to make transit thru their airport or no?Could be any problems?
    A friend of mine had troubles with it.he loose his flight ticket money .because of Finland,they didn't let him go thru their transit.

    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards
  2. RTD (Refugee Travel Document)
  3. Try this link to check the country you have in mind

    Hope it helps
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  4. You can also read the thread below \

  5. Thank you my friend.
    I already got the answer.
    As i get information,The only country which allows you to travel without VISA is Germany.
    There is countries Like Georgia...,they said you do need visa to travel even if you have RTD,
    But in fact,u can't.U need to get VISA .
    Yes you don't need visa for transit countries if u r not leaving the transit zone.
    My lesson is, don't play with Paperwork staff!Always double check.
  6. Great you are right its better to always double check
  7. Qaqaşım, hara gedirəm qabağıma çıxırsan, olmadı ki
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  8. Hello

    If anybody has done it, or knows how, please help. I want to make an URGENT application for a travel document (RTD). How do I go about it
  9. Aleykuma salam gardash)Xeyirli işlərdə təki görüşək.
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  10. Hello mate.
    Could you make clear you question? DoDyou want to get RTD?or Application like PPSD?
  11. Revanşda görüşərik :)
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  12. I want to apply for a RTD
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  14. Hi, I need some help. I am planing a trip to Europe. Basically France and possibly Amsterdam for one day. My flight would be Toronto-Paris-Toronto. I hold the RTD which have used to travel to the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Colombia last year. No issues getting there no issues coming back. Also, I have not the PR yet (have been waiting for over a year-another story). My nationality does not need visa for any of the previous mentioned countries and not for France and Netherlands either. My only concern is knowing if France which will be my entry country will accept the RTD without the PR card. Just do not want to book the tickets not being sure. I will appreciate your help as got lost with so many comments and some of them are going in different ways. If there is support for your response it would be nice.
  15. You would need a VISA. 1 day trips set off quite a lot of red flags so would be prepared for questions.

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