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Real or fake

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by Gagan s p, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Gagan s p
    I received email from hiring for canada.
    Regarding house keeping manager post at their home and they said 9500CAD+300CAD monthly salary
    After 2 days they sent me agreement latter. But they didn't say anything about the processeing/service charge amount. I eant to know is this real or fake ?
    The email was from
    Mr Harry Tyrone Tony
    Toronto Ontario
    TYRONE TONY HARRY a citizen of CANADA, Toronto, Ontario,
    Canada N1R 3L5w
    Passport Number A4492181AB
    Home Address: 27 S Albion Road W Ramp Toronto Ontario Canada.

    Please help me out!!!
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    It will be totally fake no housekeeping manager job will pay around 115k a year and if you check the address you will find it is just rows of suburban houses not some grand house.

    You should try to post a copy of the letter with personal details removed.

    If offers flights, accommodation and food definitely fake

    Do not share copies any documents or pay any money
  3. 100% fake.

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