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Ready Reference - Steps to follow and documents to arrange post ITA!

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Stanlee, Oct 11, 2016.


    For those who are waiting for ITA, check the following and prepare the necessary documents.

    After you receive ITA, once you log in to your Express Entry profile, you will have two buttons
    - Continue Application
    - Decline Invitation

    Note: You will have 60 days to submit your PR application electronically with all supporting documents. 60 days start from the day you get ITA, if you feel that you will not be able to arrange all the documents in 60 days, you can decline the ITA anytime before the expiry of 60 days and you will be back in the pool. In case you decline your ITA, then you will be eligible to be invited again provided you meet the CRS cut-off requirement.

    Once you click Continue Application, you will be taken to pages similar to your Express Entry forms that you filled up. This page would have all the information carried forward from your Express Entry profile and additionally you also need to fill up Address History, Personal History and Travel History for each member listed in the application.


    Post completion of each section, the system would generate a personal document checklist based on the information submitted by you in the previous pages. A sample document checklist for a family of two (FSW) without any Canadian relatives would look like something below.

    Supporting Documents for Primary Applicant
    Details Document Name Instructions Options
    Not Provided Passports/Travel Documents (Multiple) (required) instructions Upload file
    Not Provided Marriage License/Certificate (required) instructions Upload file
    Not Provided Proof of medical exam (required) instructions Upload file
    Not Provided Education (diplomas/degrees) (required) instructions Upload file
    Not Provided Employment Records 1 (required) instructions Upload file
    Not Provided Employment Records 2 (required) instructions Upload file
    Not Provided Employment Records 3 (required) instructions Upload file
    Not Provided Police Certificates (Multiple) (required) instructions Upload file
    Not Provided Proof of Means of Financial Support (required) instructions Upload file
    Not Provided Digital photo (required) instructions Upload file
    Not Provided Letter of Explanation (optional) instructions Upload file

    Supporting Documents for Spouse
    Details Document Name Instructions Options
    Not Provided Passports/Travel Documents (Multiple) (required) instructions Upload file
    Not Provided Proof of medical exam (required) instructions Upload file
    Not Provided Education (diplomas/degrees) (required) instructions Upload file
    Not Provided Police Certificates (Multiple) (required) instructions Upload file
    Not Provided Digital photo (required) instructions Upload file


    Once you have uploaded the documents, you have the option to make payment and submit your eAPR. Post ITA after clicking Continue, you will be asked whether you want to pay RPRF upfront, in case you have mentioned Yes and later want to modify it, you can do so by going to Modify Family Information which you can find in the menu bar.

    Permanent Resident Application Fee: CAD 550 per applicant
    Right of Permanent Resident Fee (RPRF): CAD 490 per applicant

    You can make payment using credit card and debit cards provided international transactions are allowed on your card. Contact your bank to check the same. MasterCard, Visa and Amex cards are accepted. Ensure that your bank has not put any transaction limit, contact your bank before using your card for payment. In case you do not have suffcient balance or credit limit, you can use your family member's or friend's card as CIC has no restriction on the same.

    You will get Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) immediately after you make the payment.


    Police Certificate - If you already have nomination do not wait for ITA, apply for police certificate soon. For countries that you have already left, in case you do not have the police certificate, initiate the process for the same as well as some countries take time to issue you a police certificate.

    Medicals - CIC has a list of empaneled clinics/hospitals where you need to get medical tests done. Check this link http://www.cic.gc.ca/pp-md/pp-list.aspx. The following basic tests and checks are carried out (If you have had any or have any medical conditions, you need to let them know and also carry any medical records that you have)
    1. Blood
    2. Urine
    3. Chest X-Ray
    4. Eye Sight
    5. Blood Pressure
    6. Height/Weight
    7. Physical examination by physician

    You will not be given the results of the tests, the clinic will upload it directly to CIC. You will be given an Acknowledgement Form which you need to upload as proof of medical exam. Please ensure all the information on the Acknowledgment Form is correct as per passport and that the category on your medicals is mentioned as Non-EDE/Worker. If you find any discrepancy, get it corrected then and there itself and get an updated Acknowledgement Form.

    Digital Photo - The final frame size of the photo should be at least 35mm x 45mm. The photograph must show a full front view of the head and tops of shoulders. The size of the head, from chin to crown, must be between 31mm and 36mm. The physical dimensions in pixels must be at least 420 x 540. The final size of the image should not be less than 60KB. The file should be submitted in JPEG format.

    Reference Letter - For previous employers, the letter obtained after you have left is good enough, unless and until you want to get a fresh letter or want to get the letter updated. For current employer as a rule of the thumb, get a fresh letter if the previous one which you got is older than 6 months. For other questions related to reference letter check this thread http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/nail-the-challenge-of-getting-reference-letter-from-current-employer-t397796.0.html

    ECA, IELTS - There is no separate placeholder for IELTS and WES. So you can upload IELTS and WES along with educational documents.

    Proof of Funds (POF) - Get latest and updated POF. Ensure you cover as much as information requested by CIC in the Bank Letter/Bank Certificate.

    Letter of Explanation(LOE) - Though this is an optional document, please use it to your advantage to explain anything you feel the officer should know or consider while assessing your application.

    Provincial Nominees(PNP) - If you are a provincial nominee would suggest you to submit copy of nominaton certificate and Schedule 4 (IMM0008_4E) upfront along with LOE. Though these are not asked for when submitting eAPR, later you will be requested to submit Schedule 4.

    Statutory Questions - In case you answer 'Yes' to any Statutory Questions, then explain the reason for the same in LOE and also submit Schedule A (IMM5669E) along with LOE. Though Schedule A is not asked for when submitting eAPR, later you will be requested to submit Schedule A.

    Document Size & File Format - All documents should be uploaded as PDF not more than 4MB, except for digital photo which should be in JPEG format and not less than 60KB. For each placeholder, it should be one PDF. If you have multiple pages, merge them into one PDF for each placeholder. If the file size exceeds 4MB, scan the documents with scanner settings at 100 dpi or less but ensure that the files are legible. You can also use online tools like Small PDF to compress, merge and split PDFs etc (https://smallpdf.com/).

    Help/Instructions - If you have any doubt about the documents that needs to be uploaded, check the help, blue button (Instructions) next to the Upload File button

    Link to Generic Document Checklist - http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/tools/perm/express/intake-complete.asp
  2. Thanks a Lot Stan ! this is really helpful
  3. Thanks for this Stanley!

    Can u also tell if all these docs are required to be uploaded in 1 day or can be uploaded subsequently on different days within the 60 day period.


    1) does the medical procedures u complete at CIC certified physician include all the test or u have to get different ones from different physicians.

    2) do u have to upload your degrees and transcripts or only the Wes provided ECA results?

    Thanks in advance
  4. Documents need not be necessarily uploaded in one go.

    1. All the tests specified above would be at a single clinic/hospital. To know the procedures specific to your country, please refer to the CIC site for the clinics/hospitals in your city and you can call them and ask about the tests.

    2. The instructions says all degree/diploma certificates from Bachelors onwards or after post-secondary. It does not ask for ECA, but you can upload it along with educational documents.
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  5. Appreciate it Stanlee. Y'all make sure to give this fine gentlemen a vote for his information.
  6. Great Post, should be very helpful.
  7. +++++++ for this post..great work Stanley...
  8. Stanlee:

    Hats Off to you.

    Great!!! :) :) You spared so much time in compiling step by step procedure. It will be of great, great help to all the forum members.

    Highly appreciate your guidance to all of us from time to time
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  9. Hi, awesome post.

    Just a question. How old can my bank statements be, as proof of funds?

  10. Am wondering isnt there Anyway to know medicals results before sending?also is it ok to perform it at any country?
  11. For POF, you will have to submit last 6 months bank statements and as a rule of thumb, try to get it closer to the date of eAPR submission. When submitting, it should not have been taken earlier than 2-3 weeks from the date of submission. Though this has not been mentioned by CIC, but this is what I feel, as lot of changes could have happened to POF in case it is more than 3 weeks old, especially if the funds are maintained in savings account/salary acxount. The best way to decide is to see what changes happens to your account balance in 3 weeks after salary has been credited, it would give you an idea how old the funds can be. Try to get savings account balance after the salary has been credited to your account and plan to submit eAPR closer to that date.
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  12. Thanks Stanlee, this is really useful information.
  13. As far as I know you can get medicals done from any place, but would suggest you to contact the clinic or hospital in your city where you plan to get medicals done.

    I have heard that at the payment of an extra fee, you can get access to your reports, but don't know how far it is true and I am not sure whether this is specific to any geography, because in India, we are told that reports will not be shared with us. If I anyone has any information in this regard, they can share or else I shall update if I have any information on the same. Meanwhile, call up the clinic to know about it.
  14. +1 Thanks a ton stanlee.

    Key Learnings along my Journey : Please use caution and your good judgement
    My journey is similar to all of us. Where anxiety to post ITA work done in the best possible way exists. Sharing my learnings to ease the anxiety.

    Medicals : Please do not wait till the end. As i have just checked - Hyderabad centre is very busy and waiting time is close to 7 to 10 days as they are busy conducting medicals for students seeking admissions. Best to get it done with-in one or two weeks of ITA. IMHO take an appointment very early if your ITA clashes with student admission time.

    Spouse Work Experience : Please remove it before ITA if you have not claimed points. As this will cause lot of confusion and heart burn. You can also remove it post ITA and mention the same in LOE. I have personally spoken to people who have done this and got their PR under EE.

    Address for LOE :

    There is no clear answer for this but you may mention the below as this is genereic and should suffice.(got this input from Stanlee)
    Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
    Case Processing Centre

    Police Verification (PCC in India) : Best route it to get it done from PSK (Passport office) : PCC will be issued the same day or with-in 7 days if Physical Verification is needed.

    Proof of Education : Some of us must have got our ECA done though Provisional Certificate. However it is good to obtain Original Degree certificate if you are expecting an ITA. In case of candidates from Osmania University, Hyderabad getting Original Certificate is very easy and can be obtained under 10 days (tatkal scheme). Because you will want to upload all the relevant documents and a question may arise do i need to upload my Original? It is better to get it done pre-ITA or immediately after ITA.

    Proof of Funds : PF India is accepted and applicants have been issued PR under EE. You can get your Passbook stamped for the PF department under your circle. Getting it done in Hyderabad is One-Days Job.

    Please think of 60 days dead line as 30 to 45 Days. (Keep contingency of 30 to 15 days). In my case i have to travel out of country this development happened Post ITA which was totally out of the blue. Though it is very personal.

    Wishing all the applicants a stress free Post ITA process. As long as there is no misrepresentation applicants should not loose sleep. Stay calm, take a couple of days off and get things done.


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