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Ray of Hope - 120th Draw


Jun 8, 2018
Although there was a maintenance notice, it seems to me that there will be no draw today. Undoubtedly, this has been a wild goose chase. Now cic is playing with our emotions.


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Jun 5, 2014
The wording used is -

'When a change in age results in the candidate no longer meeting the MEC or having their recalculated CRS points score fall below the lowest points score in that round of invitations, officers should consider applying the public policy to exempt applicants for permanent residence from certain age-based requirements between invitation to apply and application, based on section A25.2.

This consideration can result in an exemption from the refusal of an application under section A11.2.'

Thus the word here used is 'should' and not 'may'. That gives us a pretty good idea that CIC mandates the officers to consider the public policy in such cases.

The public policy itself is also very clear on its implementation. If you fall below the minimum threshold on account of a birthday post ITA pre e-APR, the Officer has to consider the policy.
But then again, it also states that -

'Based on the public policy considerations outlined above, delegated officers may grant an exemption from the criteria and obligations found in the provisions...'

The use of 'may' here suggests that even though the officers have to consider the policy, they are not particularly bound by it. They have some discretion, at least in theory. But I guess that's just to account for any unforseen situation.

Besides, I am yet to hear any case in which the application was rejected because points fell below cut off on account of a post ITA birthday.

Glad i saw this since i was a total newbie in immigration policies.

So my birthday is in early Feb.
And my score will be 455 on 20 Aug.
So if i can get an ITA in September (or even October) i suppose everything would be fine 'cause i have enough time to upload necessary documents, most of which would have been ready in August. Then i can reach the eAPR stage safely before the end of January and the score would be locked by then. Is my understanding correct? According to viki1805, "They are locked at the time of eAPR, not the ITA."

If eAPR passes my birthday in 2020, i know i have no hope anymore ... really envy you young people.


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Apr 28, 2019
I graduated in 2018 [Course years: 2013-2018], but have been working as a developer since 2016, and had setup a pvt ltd company whose I am a director and have been receiving funds in the company bank account since 2016. Client references and proof of income generated can be shown. From when should i calculate my foreign work experience, from 2018 or 2016?


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Jun 5, 2014
Score is not 'frozen' during ita. If score reduces due to age between ita and eapr then the officers are adviced not to reject if the new score is below the cut off for the round.
So after i pass ITA and upload all the necessary documents, will my score be locked?

"eAPR is your electronic Application for PR (the form you need to fill out after you get your ITA). Then comes the personalized document checklist (uploading the required docs). Once you submit your eAPR (thats what we call the eAPR stage). After you pay your fees, IRCC issues you an AOR (the Acknowledgement of Receipt of your eAPR). This means your application has been queued for review."

Or it is locked at AOR? - upon the receipt of my eAPR?