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R u waiting for AINP nomination


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Apr 20, 2019
hi guys, i already submitted my documents to ainp with my original crs of 435 (NOI date cut off was crs 400), now i have updated my ee profile with a new ielts score which lowered my score to 390. Will my new crs score be an issue or will ainp base my application on the original score of 435 when they have recieved it?

P.S. I updated my profile with a new ielts since my previous ielts will expire this october.

Has anyone tried to this kind of situation before which your crs decreased before file number and nomination?

I would appreciate any help guys , thank you in advance!

MS Makati

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May 13, 2019
Mind sharing reason behind your ans

Congratulations, G'deep. Can you share your view on my question below
Guys, help me here ! Especially NOC 1241(Adminstrative Assistant), others opinion will also be highly appreciated if they have analysed the trend. FYI, my spouse is accompanying and we have NO Job offer or ties with Alberta or Canada.

My job role need good spoken and written English skills. So my question is whether they filter candidates by crs or IELTS module score.

I have 2 IELTS scores. LRWS format:-

9,9,6.5,7, this get me 403 crs
7.5,7.5,7,8.5, this gets me 398 crs.

Which one should I enter in EE to get albeta's NOI, first one which gives me above 400crs or the second one which has good speaking and writing score.

I shall be elated by your replies.


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Jun 18, 2019
Urgent help
Can any1 please let me know whether we need to sign and write candidate number all pages of form 012 or only those where it is mentioned to sign i think 4 nd 5?


Sep 20, 2019
Hi in the application form ainp 012 and geriatric form 008 which option I should select. Fsw Or Provincial nominee. Please help.


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Jun 18, 2019
Is it possible that alberta can deny nomination for existing applicants on the ground that it has already reached its quota limits of 6,000??