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questions about applying in port of entry


Dec 4, 2013
Hello, I am from Hong Kong and do not need a temporary resident visa to enter into Canada.
Now I got an employment letter, medical check result and positive LMO.
I would like to speed up the application process because it takes 4 months to apply for a work permit in Hong Kong. so Can I go directly to airport (port of entry) to apply for a work permit along with my documents?
How likely would it be success? Has anyone heard of this being successful to apply through port of entry?

Do I need to provide police clearance check as well?

If not successful, will the immigration officer allow me to enter into Canada as a visitor instead?


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Dec 5, 2012
Sometimes CBSA will issue Work Permit at POE. There are chances refusals were made. Depending on the situation, sometimes a voluntary removal from CA will be issued. Sometimes CBSA allows a short period of time as visitor. so you can test your luck if you don't care of the return ticket.


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Jun 13, 2013
Hi dondondon,

if your job require a medical exam then you can't get a work permit at the port of entry,you have to send your application to the canadian visa office responsible for your country of citizen,otherwise if no medical exam required and you have a valid LMO and job offer most likely you will be issued a work permit at the port of entry,you will have to pay $150 processing fees.

good luck :)