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Quebec, more than 183 days absence

Discussion in 'Health' started by CyberHawk, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I have a problem.
    I landed at the end of 2007, did all my papers as required, received my PR card and subscribed fro my medical card, then after 2 months I left back to my country of origin to finish up my obligations there.
    During my stay there I encountered family problems (sickness of parents) that forced me to stay more than those 183 days (about 210 days total).
    Five months ago the Quebec Regie de l'assurance maladie sent me a questionnaire asking when I was absent from Quebec, and I with all honesty answered that I was absent more than 183 days in the first 12 months, because of my family reasons.
    Today I received a letter from them stating that because of my absence back then, I don't have the right for the public health care plan and that I "did not establish residence in Quebec" (while I physically leave in Quebec for the last 3 years and so) and that I need to return them my medical card.
    I've applied for citizenship 3 months ago, will it be affected???
    What should I do?
    Please advise. Thanks.
  2. Your citizenship should not be affected but you should go to RAMQ and ask them if you can apply for the health card again. Surely, even if you had lost it 3 years ago, you would have qualified to get it again 3 months later.
  3. Thank you very, very, really very much!!
    I was afraid that because of this mistake I would lose absolutely everything, including my residence and citizenship.
    If all there is to it is that I have to re-apply for my health insurance then I'll do just that.
    Although I feel strange knowing that I actually lived for 3.5 years in Quebec without being insured.
  4. Yeah, go and talk to them. Surely it was your mistake not to notify them that you spent more than 183 days outside but you didn't know about that. If you had told them, you would have qualified to apply for RAMQ again after doing the 3 month waiting period again and it seems a bit too late to take it away from you now. Maybe they will want you to do the 3 month waiting period now, who knows. I am sure they will not condemn you to life without health care forever.

    You really do not have anything to worry about with your PR or citizenship. Immigration is a completely different entity than RAMQ. Immigration is federal and RAMQ is provincial. You could move from province to province and never qualify for health care anywhere if you never stay long enough but you would still be living in Canada, would still keep your PR and would still get citizenship.
  5. Hi,
    I went there and explained what happened.
    They were nice, though they said I really have to re-apply, but since I am on wellfare there is no need for me to wait those 3 months.
    So I am now secured and will receive my new card in 2 weeks.
    But to be honest, knowing that I lived here for 3 years and so in Quebec without being actually insured makes me feel how damn lucky I was not to need any medical attention during this period.
    Thank you again for your kind response. :)
  6. hi
    did u used any of medical services in those 3 years and if yes then did RAMQ asked you to pay for them??
    how you renewed the Medi card when you were out of Canada?
    basically im in similar situations and i have to stay out of qubec for more then 183 days in first 12 months.
  7. If you know about it, it is better to clear it up with RAMQ right away. They may give you a special permit to stay away longer if you have a good reason. I know OHIP has something like that.

    If you don't tell them and they find out, what could happen is that you lose your coverage and only find out about it after you have for example broken a bone and it turns out that you do not have coverage. That or they pay for it, then find out later that you shouldn't have had coverage and back charge you.

    Also, even they say you will be losing your coverage and will have to do the waiting period again, you would be able to prepare for it by getting emergency insurance for your waiting period.

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