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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by golnazsad, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. Hi guys... for all of us who have applied through Quebec, Let's share experiences and timelines.. specially those who applied through Damascus..


    Quebec applications: May 2006
    Interview:Sept 2008
    Federal file:17 Nov 2008
    Status: Waiting for medical forms...(its been a very loooong 8 months)
  2. Quebec applications: Dec 2007
    Interview in Damascus :Oct 2008
    Federal file:21 Jan 2009
    Status: ?

    How long I have to wait till receiving Medical forms?
  3. hi,
    quebec appl-- june 07
    csq-- may 08
    federal appl -- july 08
    medical -- may 09
    now waiting for visa
  4. Quebec appl......08/08
    csq..................May 1, 09
    federal.............May 30, 09

    guys i would like to know how one knows that it's time for medicals
    i'm asking this question bcz i just rcvd a letter from cic with a form
    that has my passport photo attached which says: Rapport medical /section A /identification du client et sommaire
    (it's in french) .the form has also my name , bod, adress ..
    pls tell me what it's.

  5. Hi bobine... I guess you have received your mdical forms... u have to go see the designated doctors in ur area...
  6. thank you golnazsad...i will call the dr.and get an appointment.
  7. hi,
    r u sure it is medical. how come that ur med form is in french, as only federal govt issue med form even those of Quebec.????
  8. Hi everybody,

    This are my times throw Mexico City office:

    Quebec appl Dec. 2008
    Interview Waived
    CSQ June 2009
    Federal July 2009
    Now waiting...
  9. hi sridas,
    how your medical call was like (i've meant how did you know it's was time for medical???)
    can you share it with me bcz i am kind of confused
  10. Did you apply from Damascus?
  11. hi bobine,
    regarding medical i know it is federal govt who issue med form. but as u say ur form is in french , i doubt it is medical form. Medical form has ur picture fixed in the form. u will get instruction about ur DMP in ur areas. also instruction about ur medical etc. so first check all these. cheers

  12. mine has all that except that it's in french...
    anyway i already called the DMP in my erea and got an appointment...will find out in 2 weeks or so and will let the forum know.
  13. hi everyone,

    here are my times

    Csq damascus 13/05/08
    federal 08/06/08
    still waiting for the medical check
    first congrats to those who received their med and second i wanted to knoe how did they contact u through mail, phone, email??
  14. for my med.i was contacted by mail
  15. I have applied as a bookkeeper(account assistant) on july 14th 2008 but my application does not fall under 38 list & i am waiting for my result either accepted or denied if denied then i dont have any other option no arrange employment moreever i am in delhi . So i lose every hope of going to canada & become frusterated but i am a sikh boy i will go buy hook or crook .
    I have read your post i think there will be a chance for quebec programme pls help me regarding my question
    1- Is 38 list or any other occupation list are also applicable in quebec programme
    2- I dont know french but i will join good institute to learn french & will learn will i have to give test like ielts exam or my average speaking of french will work
    3- How is the quebec what is the climate of there, how is it employment wise,
    4- After going to quebec after how much time one can move to other province in canada
    5- How much time it will take to process the application & how much time to get Permanent visa
    6- Is it necessary that spouse also have to learn french because my wife will not do any course
    7- Will she also have to prepare for french
    8- I have ten year experince as an account assistant

    Pls. answer my question so I can start my prcess for Quebec i will be very grateful for you

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