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Processing time for new application after refusal of previous one

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by tanush14, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. My PR application was refused due to missing job duties in letter of employment submitted for current employment. I am trying to get an updated letter of employment from my employer with job duties mentioned on it and will submit a new application after receiving ITA in next draw (hopefully).
    My previous application went straight to IP2 after medical passed and on the day of refusal, my background check status was changed to completed.
    Does IRCC refers to previous application for some reports like background check or my new application will go through the whole process again?
    If they consider reports from previous application, this may reduce the processing times significantly.

    Please advise.
  2. AOR was June 14, application rejected in about 22 days.
    I didn’t understand what do you mean by “no decision is made while accounting for the previous application”?
  3. Awaiting comments from someone having similar experience in past :(

    @scylla @DelPiero07 @andy108
    Seniors, pls can you help on this?
  4. No one with similar experience?
  5. Was your application 'rejected' or 'cancelled as incomplete' they are two complete different things.

    My first application was cancelled as incomplete as I was missing one single document, I got an invitation in the next round and it took 4 months to be approved after AOR.
  6. Greetings Everyone!
    Received the PPR, I guess now my pimples will go away(from stress).

    FSWO-PNP-ON India ;-)
    AOR: 31st March
    MEP: 11 April
    Ghost update 1/IP2: 27 June
    Ghost Update 2: 11 July
    PPR: 12 July
    Me and my wife only , I being the primary applicant.
    One travel history to EU, single country.
    Code: Don remember but something in computer network. Some 21** not sure

    Just came here to share my happiness with you all. May you all receive your PPR soon.
    I have tried including all the relevant info let. However, if anything is needed to be known do let me know.

    Looking to connect with Nature Lovers!!
    Since, I am posting anyway so let me make a request as well.
    Let's save our mother nature, save it from pollution, save it from sever increment in population, save it from corruption, save it from greed and save it from exploitation.

    A soul.
  7. My application was refused, not rejected.
    Initial completion check was passed.
  8. I think you should just assume the process will take the same amount of time, like you were submitting a new application.
  9. Seems that is the only option I have now, thanks for the reply though. The reason why I was asking this question is because I read somewhere on this forum that someone received his PPR in less than 2 weeks when he reapplied after refusal. I am not able to find that post now so thought of starting a thread hoping people in similar situation may share their experience.

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