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problem with sponser


Feb 24, 2007
hi everyone
please solve my problem
i m living in calgary but i landed under manitoba provincial program
now i have problem with my sponser living in edminton
i want to know what he can do against me
he wants his sponsership( affidavite of support) back, i want to know is he realy able to take some legal action against me
or not?
i spent only 4 months in canada till know so i dont know much about laws
if he take his support back then what happens to me according to law
i have PR no. , SIN no.
please solve my problem
thank you

Eduardo Picazo

Hero Member
Feb 19, 2005
Reynosa, Mexico
Hi deep_jagdeep

So if you applied under PNP, it means that you have to work in Manitoba, you have no choice, maybe your current sponsor can’t do anything against you, other than report it to CIC

But make sure CIC will realize that you are not working in Manitoba as you signed for…, sooner or later it is just matter of time, remember that Canada has the same system as US they can find you wherever you are and knows what you have been doing since your arrival.

So my suggestion for you my friend is to move into Manitoba and start working there, then maybe with the time you can move wherever you want.

Please as a friend, don’t jeopardize your Canadian Residency, the law is the law and Canada doesn’t like people who break it. Once again if you applied as nominee CIC expects you to work in such province.

Of course CIC has no issue about where do you want to arrive, you are free to choose the port of entry, but then you should move into your Province of destination.

Good luck!!