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Principal Applicant (Inland) Dependent (Outland) during COVID-19



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Apr 5, 2019
Visa Office......
AOR Received.
9 Oct 2020
Med's Request
Med's Done....
3rd November filled vfs webform
9th got pick up Passport
11 th under ircc process and 17th November got stamped
22 November got copr and passport
Tracking ID generated today, but when tying to track it shows no records found


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Feb 8, 2021
3rd November filled vfs webform
9th got pick up Passport
11 th under ircc process and 17th November got stamped
22 November got copr and passport

I have received PPR for PR.
I have a doubt regarding the consent form.. Do we need to fill the 3rd page, regarding the biometrics?
I had applied for biometrics when I applied for Visitor visa, in 2019?

Please help.


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Mar 27, 2021
Try to reply them again from other email or contact them tomorrow morning. May be due to technical errors they won’t receive your reply.
Every time I reply I get the below automated email, I think my emails are getting delivered as I am getting auto reply immediately.

***Le français suit***

***Please note that this is an automated message. Do not reply.***

Thank you for contacting us.

This email address is dedicated solely to clients invited by IRCC to use the Permanent Residence (PR) Portal in order to be confirmed as permanent residents. You must be invited by IRCC in order to have an account created in the PR Portal.

IRCC will not be responding to requests or follow-ups if you did not received an invitation from IRCC.

For more information on the PR Portal, please consult our website: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/pr-confirmation-portal.html

If you receive an invitation to use the portal, instructions will be included.

Have questions?

Find answers in the Help Centre: https://www.canada.ca/en/services/immigration-citizenship.html or by contacting our Client Support Centre by completing the Web Form or dialing 1-888-242-2100, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m


Oct 27, 2021
Hi @legalfalcon need your help
AOR april 2021 with outland dependent. My husband has received his passport stamped with copr on Nov 24th however I (PA) am still waiting for my e-copr. I received credentials on Nov 12 and uploaded all info within an hour but still didn’t get anything. My question is as my husband has his copr Can he travel to Canada? Please reply.


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Mar 27, 2021
I got my second one too, i guess i'll be gettin my third one tmrw. Best to wait a couple of days.
Did you get the third one too?? Or did you get credentials email?? Since I got 5 emails back to back I am trying to call them
Since morning but no luck so far :( I have raised a webform too :(


Nov 15, 2021
I (primary applicant) received the same letter in my profile for my dependent spouse (who is in India). In the letter it was mentioned "RE: DEP spouse residing in India" which made me realize that although it is addressed to me, it's the PPR for my spouse and we sent the documents via VFS to IRCC Delhi.

In most of the cases that people have received this, it is in fact a PPR for the outland dependent.
Hi! Do you know how long it takea for them to return stamped passport?


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Jun 1, 2020
On November 12th I logged in with credentials and confirmed my details still no ecopr. Anyone in the same situation?
Hi there, when did you do biometrics for spouse n after how many days you got portal email?
Did you go for remedical for yourself, probably it got expired before you got portal email?