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PR update

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by TJL, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. For those who may be interested, Friday Feb 15th was 2 weeks since receiving confirmation that my file had been forwarded to Seattle, WA. Someone had replied that the shortest time from "forwarding to hearing" was 2 weeks. So I guess I put my hope in this next week :)
    Obviously I'm close but the anticipation does erode the patience!
  2. Did they happen to mention why they sent your file to Seattle?
  3. No, other than we live 2 hrs west of Seattle and that's where we would have our interview (if we have to have one). When looking up our status online, it states "Seattle office MAY contact you." Don't know what that means exactly. Anyone else have an idea about that statement?
  4. I live about one hour south of Seattle and was wondering because I have read elsewhere that sometimes Buffalo sends pr applications to sattillite visa offices to ease the workload in Buffalo. When was your application originally sent to Buffalo. Also, you might want to take a look at this site ( www.trackitt.com ) if you haven't already. Its helpful to study the tracking of other cases.
  5. Originally sent to Buffalo Sept 15th or so. I know that my wife's sponsorship took only 21 days, as opposed to 44 days. Nov 7th is when my file begun processing in Buffalo.
    Thanks for the website! Checked it out and I'm quite encouraged but another US file that just received their PR so my dates are almost identical to those so it's ANY DAY for us!! :)
  6. TJ
    Sounds like you are almost there, I'm praying that you get your approval soon. I bookmarked the other site also, it's very encourgeing to have. Keep me Informed ok?


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