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PR & ONIP program question

Dec 2, 2019
Hello Everyone,

I Finished my 2 year Graduate certificate in Ontario. Got my PGWP for 3 years and currently working as a Full Time Financial Representative for 1 year.
I have 2 questions:
  1. How much funds should I show while applying for PR through Canadian work experience class. I get different response from different people but is that correct if I have NOC B job with 1 year experience no funds required. Also please let me know whether I can apply for my wife along with me. She is here with me in Toronto.
  2. In the Mean Time i got to know about OINP Program. Its not yet open for Employer Job Offer: International Student Stream. Kindly let me know whether its a straight forward process or its based on luck like a draw. Kindly advise when this stream opens for applications.

Yoruba girl

Star Member
Sep 12, 2019
You don’t need proof of funds if you are applying through Canadian experience class. If you have a high enough CRS, you don’t need to go through OINP route. There’s a self assessment tool on CIC website that gives you an idea of what your score may be and you can apply for your wife, she will be a dependent.