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PR confirmation portal timelines



Mar 3, 2022
Thanks bro. Congratulations to you too!! I am unable to link that. Do you know why, it says no applications found. I am giving all the details correctly. What should we give actually in the City/Town of birth - It should be exactly as per eCoPR or Passport?
Should be the same as what on your passport


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May 9, 2021
Congratulations, did the status in the PR portal change between eCOPR and PR card? For me, it is showing Photo In review with IRCC since last Friday, 25th March.
You mean the portal where you upload your photo, right? Yes, when my card was mailed out, the status changed from "in review" to "closed and accepted"


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Jul 22, 2021
Hi guys,
Please see my timeline below:

1. When did you receive an email asking for information? March 2
2. When did you receive your log in details for the portal? March 3 9am
3. When did you declare your presence in Canada, updated the address and uploaded a picture on the portal? March 3 10am
4. When did you receive ECOPR? March 3 2pm
5. What is the VO? Calgary
6. When did you receive your PR card in the mail? March 28

The PR card was mailed out from Sydney, NS
Hello, do you know how long it took to arrive in the mail from when they mailed it out to you?


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Dec 29, 2020
Portal info sent March 29
Responded same day
Received my ecopr this morning
Linked my application to cic website successfully
What option did you select, Permanent Resident card or something else when you link this with your CIC account. I am trying to link my PR portal application with cic account but it says "not found". I received my eCOPR on March 30.
Also my photo still says " In Review with IRCC "; what is your status


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Dec 29, 2020
Congrats Bro. Did you link your PR card application to your IRCC account? I did it last night. I also recommend you to do that
Can you list down the steps you followed to link the account? I received my eCOPR on March 30 but it says "not found" when i tried to link it.
Also, what is the status of your photo, mine is still "In review with IRCC".