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PR card timeline (Etobicoke office only)


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Jan 22, 2021
COPR: 24th February
Delivery date: 3rd of March
1st GU: 21st of July

Hopefully everything goes smoothly.

They are flirting with early March applicants now. I am the second one with March delivery date on this forum to see an update. Hopefully they start full on March soon.
I have exact same COPR date and photos delivered on march 3 .waiting
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Oct 8, 2019
Hey Guys is there any other way to check the Application status other than CIC linking application? which is showing submitted for me since 5 months :(
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Feb 17, 2021
Hi guys,

AOR - March 30, 2021
1st portal email - June 15th (replied same day with requested details)
2nd email Portal Credentials - June 16th (in Canada declaration, address, photo uploaded on same day)
eCOPR - June 23rd (Linked PR card application on my CIC account the same day)
1st GU on PR card application - July 14th
2nd update PR card approved & mailed - July 22nd

VO - Etobicoke.


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May 3, 2019
Hi Guys,

Need your help here. I got my COPR letter from Etobicoke office via email in April 1st week. Sent my credentials and confirmed that it was received by Etobicoke office in April 3rd week. I didn't get any information from them regarding my PR card. A lot of people got online portal to send in their pictures, I didn't get that too. Should I call them and ask them?