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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by robert_deeni, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. Please share your time line of you are processing your PNP application in Abu Dhabi office

    Mine is:

    Application sumbitted Jan 2010
    AOR march 2010
    Additional document request IMM5549 March 2010
  2. waiting for your adds
  3. just to remimde all of you to share the time line if any of you process his PNP application in Abu Dhabi office
  4. In the AOR that u have received, did they mention your file no.? If so, what is the status now of your application when u are checking it online? I am also planning to send my application to cic abu dhabi when i received my LOA, hopefully this coming july.

  5. yes AOR inluding file number and instructions for the process of the appliocation.
    Now the online status showing (Under process).

    Under which stream you got your LOI?
  6. hello friends yesterdaz i rcv my LOA now preparing documents for abu dhabi visa off plz keep posting. best wishes
  7. Under Family Stream (MPNP), I'll submit my application in cic Abu Dhabi this coming August.
  8. hello robert_deeni and issha i completed all forms on saturday i will send, pray 4 me and 4 all best wishes
  9. Hi to every one.
    Any news for Abu Dhabi applicants
  10. nothing new robert, my application deliverd there on 25th of this month, i pray for ur application becaus almost 5 month finish of ur application. best wishes t.c
  11. @YOURS

  12. Sorry to inform all of you , but as per the latest update on the CIC website for the processing time in abu Dhabi office for PNP applications , it is showing big delay can reach to 23 months :(
    (let us pray that we will not be stocked all these time) +
  13. the timeline of abu dhabi is getting extended like the afghan/iraq war.
  14. dear robert, issah yes i checked on web site its really 23 months but 30percent cases they finalized with in 14months lets pray may GOD we are those our cases finalized within 14 month best wishes t.c

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