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PNP - PR - JUNE, JULY 2017 APPLICANTS....Lets Connect here.

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Drigobrazil, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. I am starting a thread for Provincial nominees permanent resident applicants for June, may 2017.Please share your TIMELINE here in order to help track the status of our application.Cic has changed the customer service assistance operations as you can not call in to check for updates on your application if you do not have a file number.I am sure this is a new development in order to reduce the calls made by prospective AOR expectant.See my timeline below:

    Ainp nomination received- May 18,2017
    Cic App sent - May 30,2017
    Cic Received App- June 1,2017 Signed by Mike
    Awaiting AOR...
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  2. OINP Nomination: May 30
    ITA: May 31
    AOR: June 20

    We have a long wait... Many March AOR still didn't pass medical...
  3. Have you received your love? very fast!
    You arr inland?
  4. What's really fast? I am outland
  5. Sorry.
    I think us in august final
  6. I think that in 1 or 2 weeks, start AOR jun
  7. Hi guys,
    I m Neo Patel from india.I m new member here
    My time Line for MPNP:
    EOI: 13th August 2016
    LOA: 24th August 2016
    File Submitted: 12th september 2016
    MPNP Nomination: 25th may 2017
    File submitted to IRCC:14th july 2017
    waiting for AOR....

    Thanks in advance
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  8. Guyzz anyone here whose application received by C Locke ( sydney )
  9. Mine was received by Mike too, May 26, still waiting..
  10. This week you may be receiving your AOR
  11. Finally, got AOR!!!

    Application received: 01 jun 2017
    AOR received: 8 August 2017
  12. Tks
  13. Got aor

    Application recieved: june 1
    Oar: aug 8
    Ainp inland
    I try to link my application but i didnt go thru
  14. Same timeline did u linked your application?

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