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Plzz help me Iam just stuck in...

Discussion in 'Education' started by NoorCanada, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Hello
    En from Pakistan and i want to ask that on the completion of Undergraduate Program Am I be applicable for PR? or I hav to do Masters to apply?
    and one more thing is em doing Bachelors in Computer Science from NED University of Eng. and Tech which is in Karachi and it is a good reputable university of Pakistan . I had completed my 1 yr and i want to transfer my credit to Canadian University or College which offer Bach in Comp. Sci.
    The agents here are bluffers and they only fool peoples . Plzz help me out regarding my prob.

    Thank you very much!!!
  2. Plzz guys help me out suggest me sum colleges or Universities and also help me out regarding IMMIGRATION issue which i mentioned above.
  3. University of Waterloo. SFU. University of British Columbia. Etc Check their requirements out by yourself by visiting their websites online. Btw, bill gates hires students from univ of Waterloo.
  4. Dear NoorCanada,
    To get a glance of institutions in Canada, go through the site of Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada (aucc.ac) or Canadian Community Colleges (accc.ca). Regarding PR, rather than just educational qualifications, it depend on several factors. check the site of cic for more details.

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