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Discussion in 'Visitors' started by umermughal, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Hello All

    According to my experience and read all these post i request every one not apply Canada tourist visa from Pakistan or any other country at Pakistani Passport because they just pick money from your pockets .

    Also i request join these forum set a date for peace full protest in front of all vac offices in Pakistan if you all agree then join and create whatsp Group .

    Here is My story i applied tourist visa at 14/9/2017 at vac office Lahore

    I have very strong travel history
    I have still valid visa USA ,SHENGEN

    I have three companies with tax paid

    bank balance around 45k us dollar

    My purpose to attend one day workshop with paid participation amount 300 Canadian dollar

    My age 37 years

    I have applied only for 12 days visa .

    But today they refused me with the reply no purpose of visit & low income ,and no financial assets

    I have present my wealth tax income tax return which shows my all worth online

    Here is my story please i personally total boycott Canada embassy and no one apply and waist his money and time .
    My application is Paper based i show all my good proof my ties with home country and i will return after 12 days .
    If some one still want to waist his money and time so most welcome ....
  2. Umer .. sorry to hear that but i m lucky one i got visa within 60 days and i do travel twice or thrice a yr and have travelled mostly west side i dont whats wrong in you case you should aaply again and clear points raised by VO .. all depends how we place our application and i applied online and outcome was positive as VFS karachi wasnt accepting property docs..
  3. Dear I agree you are lucky man but i am not lucky but only this embassy treats our Pakistan national like third world citizen ..No any other embassy treats like this when i was applied USA visa they gave me visa within 5 minutes and not ask even single document and i really appreciate USA embassy.
    I never apply again this Canada visa because they not give us respect takes applications processing 40 To 60 days and after give us silly answers

    My question is only if i was traveled a lot of countries and return back why within 15 days why i overstay in Canada .

    Second one if no one with me for protesting in front of Canada i will single protest in front of VAC & media at least other innocent people be aware from this Canadian visa scam .

    During visa processes they not ask any required document and not attend phone calls even no body now where his application processing.

    I got denied letter from Abu Dhabi

    With we welcome you if you apply again with new fees .....whats is this hell
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  4. Feels sorry to hear about this refusal but there is nothing new. They are keep on treating the TRVs in this same fashion. No Respect what so ever of your travel history.

    Yes, i would like tto add one thing. Our lives cannot stopped/finished with these visa refusal so dont hyped on this infect i insists you to try online with very hard hitting letter answering all those points raised by visa officer.
    I know Rs 15000 means nothing now a days but it is getting very important to answer them with new application and gives them what they deserved. Even though i am also expecting the same fate as yours and others ( including my younger brother) but this is your Right to answer his allegations.
  5. i am shocked it is very weird and surprising situation not understanding it is about luck it is about funds or it is about what it is a pure injustice with our people.
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  6. If you really wants to protest then use internet, write them your details and send it to islamabad , abu dhabi , canada and relevant departments. Also answer all refused points.

    Make sure you will try again by writing and applying. Dont loose hope. They are here to discourage us but we will keep them guessing by applying. This is our Right. We must fight for it.
  7. Dear All Respected Members

    No one understand my feelings fees is not issue because i have applied with my family wife +child ages 6 month .3 yeas 5 years .
    I have already paid them 70k pak rupee in shape of fees . And my whole family traveled with me UAE for short trips .
    But in my last visit to USA two month before my son asked me why daddy you are not take us to USA so i promise my child i will give you trip to CANADA so thats why i am really upset today my son ask me when we will travel to Canada ? and i have no words .
  8. its my bad luck my all friends told me not apply Canada visa its waist of time now i feel they are right .

    If i applied USA instead of Canada i hope i am not at this stage .
  9. Umer ..tell.me one thing do you have fmaily trips to USA , UK or schengen area ?
  10. Anyway i hope you all the best and good results ....

    But my struggling not end i have already sent many emails to Abu Dhabi embassy and Islamabad embassy but they not replied ..
  11. Well today a friend of mine is been refused for USa visa .. hes frequent traveller and never ever over stayed and this was his 3rd usa visa which expired in july ..he have business from usa and the reason of refusal was you travel very frequent to usa like he had 5 trips in 18 months duration so they refused .. does it make sense ? But hes refused as VO gave him this reason only
  12. No my family not traveled USA,UK,SHENGEN .
    My family traveled with me UAE three time
    But vo give me allegation purpose of visit and low financial asset .
  13. Umer .. do
    Umer do you have family trips to UK Usa or schengen area ?
    Like had couple of trips with familyto western countries ..so that was a plus for me
  14. Dear. They will reply you. Dont worry just relax. Same things happens with us when we plan very first time for usa. We all were refused and my father still fulfil his promise and takes us to umrah and dubai.
    In urdu:
    Meri grandma ( late ) kaha karti theen ke jab aur jaha tera daana paani likha hai tab aur waha tujhy mileyga hi mileyga. Yeh Rabb ki marzi hai.Rabb jo karta hai acha karta hai.”

    I do suggest you to take your family to some European or UK destination and strengthen the travel hostory.

    Last year i renew my usa visa and my family also applied too. Because i travelled to UK , UAE, Singapore and Malaysia with them, we got visa in no time.
  15. okk.. thnxx buddy

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