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Place of Destination

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Pinaymom, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. hello! when i was applying, i indicated toronto as my place of destination in our application... my hubby's cousin lived there but has moved to the states..

    we are lucky to have established contacts in vancouver, and are now planning to settle there when we land sometime june/july this year...

    our copr indicates toronto as the place of destination.. will that pose a problem? our application was under the federal skilled worker...

    thanks in advance!!
  2. Hi

    As long as it not Quebec and not as a PNP you will be fine.

  3. Great! Thanks so much, PMM!!

    Have a nice day
  4. Just curious - why would Quebec make a difference and not Vancouver, when you originally list Toronto?
  5. Hi

    Quebec has it's own Immigration program, and you require a CSQ (selection certificate) to land there,unless you have onward transportation.

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  7. Is there any difference between regular Canada Immigration and Quebec immigration policies. i.e Is it easier with one then with the other?
  8. jimberan: Quebec actually requires you to know French language and your children have to learn it at school. Quebec processing encludes you to take French language test to prove your skills in it. I myself would prefer any other state since they do not require French, and maybe to find a job is easier for English speaking person.

  9. do correct me if I am wrong: even if you want to come to Quebec, just land anywhere else...... once you have landed and established yourself in some other province, then you have the rights of any Canadian resident and can move to anywhere else you want to later. Not sure if that will qualify you later for Quebec immigrant benefits later if you need them.

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