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Passport sent to ottawa 2019 after ppr


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Jan 8, 2019
Ok, the agent told me that it is a good news that the passport got sent back yesterday and he gave me the same tracking number that I had sent to them for return but the tracker has still not been activated, which is weird. So will go home today and check mail or hopefully Monday I should get it.

May be you also want to give them a call and ask or wait?
Thanks. The way they sorted out these passports for shipping is really weird. How come could a tracking number be used for twice in a round trip? Since it's very important and sorta confidential files enclosed in it, they just mailed out without any tracking info activated, let alone to be monitored on the way. No comment for the efficiency. Anyway, Canada Post seems not deliver anything on weekends. I will call them on the following Monday if there's no activation of returning envelope this evening. Thank you for sharing this info.


Feb 2, 2019
PP sent on Feb 9
PP delivered Feb 12
Approved Feb 22
(not checked through agent but by voice: we are pleased to confirm your application was approved, check your message for more detail)
I have representative so I'm afraid they can only forward the message to me next week. :(

return envelope is not activated.
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May 10, 2017
my application got approved today in the system same Feb 11 passport sent but no return tracker updated.

I am worried as it is taking time and I have forgotten to write the date of birth and name on the back of picture why they are taking this much time will there be any issue will they send back donot know what will happen.