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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Hot-Lier, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Background checks can take many months to complete:

    These is applicable on those who have been visited countries more that 6 months.?


    Who have been visited countries for just 4 to 7 days.?
  2. That's not CIC's official website. I would believe this when its posted on any official website.
  3. Starali it is valid for all who have visited less countries or more. It says it involves many agencies within Canada and other intelligence agencies around the globe. Mainly your name is searched and information is gathered through different databases to look for a match. They also call it security clearance. For some countries like Pakistan it is more vigorous. In my opinion it doesn't matter match if you have visited less countries or more. Thanks

  4. Yes i checked on this forum there are many applicants who are waiting from last 8 to 14 months after submitting medicals.
    :( and doing again re-medicals. :(

    Alway pray.

    Each Canadian Permanent Resident applicant over the age of 18 is required to provide proof that he/she has no criminal record. A police clearance must be obtained from every country where the applicant has resided for more than 6 months since their 18th birthday.

  5. Dear All!

    Very important news published in today's daily jang. I couldn't copy paste the news from urdu. Please see the link. Canada will now verify degrees of all immigrants before they come to canada. Thanks

  6. Itni mushkil urdu hey, that means 'professional degress' .. peshawarana dastawezat... or its "experience letters/job description etc"
  7. Means degrees not experience letters. Thanks
  8. I guess thats a good move....
  9. ok bhai jan, jaisay ap ki marzi :) waisay another forum member pasted a comment where he received same info froms some canadian lawyer david something.....
  10. I actually read this on David's website cicinews.com but was looking for an official source so i could let my friend know who is waiting for long now.
  11. I know its so bad and hard to tell your friends about this... I emailed same news in the morning to one of my friend and he just called me and was so dissapointed on this move.... He has already submitted fee for his family members and inquired a month back from CHC about adding his new born son... feeling so bad for him... they have waited even more than us... May God help them...
  12. The official version of Jang news


    Ottawa, March 28, 2012 – Canada is proposing a major change to how foreign skilled workers’ education credentials are assessed, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced today.

    The proposed new requirement would mean that applicants wanting to immigrate as Federal Skilled Workers would have their foreign education credentials assessed and verified by designated organizations before they arrive in Canada.

    “Our Government is building an immigration system that is focused on economic growth and ensuring that all Canadians, including immigrants, are able to contribute to their maximum capacity,” said Jason Kenney. “By having their foreign education credentials assessed before their arrival to Canada, foreign skilled workers will have a better sense of how their credentials fit into the Canadian labour market and will be able to contribute their full skill set to the economy more quickly. This proposal is part of a broader package of transformational changes that will make Canada’s immigration policies work better for the Canadian economy.”

    A pre-arrival assessment would let applicants know how their education credentials compare to Canadian credentials and it will give immigrants a sense of how Canadian employers are likely to value their education. This will also screen out people without proper education levels and is an important step in helping to address the problem of immigrants arriving and not being able to work in their field.

    The assessment of international educational credentials would not mean that Federal Skilled Workers would automatically find employment in Canada commensurate with their skills nor would it guarantee that they would become licensed to practice in a regulated occupation. Applicants who intend to work in a regulated profession would likely need to have their qualifications assessed in greater depth for purposes of licensure by a regulatory body specific to their profession and intended province of work.

    “Internationally trained workers make an important contribution to Canada’s job market and the economy,” added Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development. “That’s why our Government is working in partnership to improve foreign credential recognition so that skilled newcomers can put their knowledge and skills to work sooner.”

    Minister Kenney also used the occasion to release the 2011 Government of Canada Progress Report on Foreign Credential Recognition, Strengthening Canada’s Economy. The annual report, led by the Foreign Credentials Referral Office, highlights achievements made by Citizenship and Immigration Canada , Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, and Health Canada to help foreign trained individuals integrate into the Canadian workforce.

    Highlights of the report include:

    expansion of the Canadian Immigration Integration Program (CIIP), which is designed and managed by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges. CIIP currently offers pre-arrival orientation sessions in up to 25 countries, based on demand;
    an innovative assessment and bridging program to help internationally educated nurses meet regulatory requirements for licensure across Canada; and
    the launch of the International Qualifications Network Website for stakeholders to share information and best practices in credential assessment.
    To read the Government of Canada 2011 Progress Report on Foreign Credential Recognition, Strengthening Canada’s Economy, go to: http://www.credentials.gc.ca/fcro/progress-report2011.asp
  13. Yes this is the actual news. Jang news paper published wrong news. Thanks
  14. Hain wrong thee, I didnt read it :) just posted it as I found it while searching for the application return official new as my friend was asking if it was posted on any official website...
  15. Hey...I meant this news is correct what you posted from CIC web site. Jang has posted wrong news. Jang said degrees will be verified. Actual news is degrees will be assessed according to Canadian standards and not verified. Hope you understand now :). Thanks

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