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Ontario PNP (OINP) 2020 Discussion Join Here


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Feb 8, 2011
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Any ideas or way to predict when next OINP SKILLED TRADES NOI’s might be issued? So far only 190 NOi’s issued for 2020 - seems very low (1399 NOI’s issued in 2019) !


Nov 18, 2019
Hey everyone, Those who were nominated by OINP and submitted docs in EE. I want to know, did you use the same reference letter that was submitted for OINP or got an updated one issued from the employer? The reference letter I have was issued in Feb when I submitted for OINP application. I will be submitting EE profile this month, is it fine to use the same letter issued in Feb (used for OINP) or should get a new one with the latest date? I know uploading the latest one is beneficial, but it is cumbersome. If it is not an issue to use the same, I will prefer to use it. My total experience is 8+ and the initial letter covers it completely for my NOC. Looking for genuine advice from experts, kindly suggest!


Jun 9, 2020
Hi i have a question... i will apply for french skilled worker.. I have associate degree in dairy and discountinous bachelour degree... what is my degree in crs rankin?


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Jun 6, 2020
Hello everyone. Been following the forum keenly. Excited to be here. Sent my Master's degree in for Evaluation via eQuals used by Australian Universities. Should get ECA in time for next pnp nomination. Noc code 0124. Have 8 years experience. CRS score 465.i am quite optimistic that we will see a huge point drop in both FSW and PNP draws soon. Candidates pool isn't so high at the moment. Most importantly Ontario PNP has taken very few candidates this year and quota is 7500 per year or so. Looking forward to sharing my story with you all. Goodluck to us


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Aug 2, 2019
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Hi I received NOI from OINP on 3rd June 2020 NOC 1111 , I am confused whether to proceed or wait for FSW draw. People say PNP normally takes more time to process than Express entry. Kindly guide as you have undergone the process.

First of all congratulations.

The more time through PNP route is the time taken by Provinces to issue nomination, for Ontario as per their official timeline, it can take up to 3 months, but usually, they process in less than two months and in some cases even lower time.

From my signature, you can see that it was processed in less than two months and that's when corona was having too much effect in their work. So I feel your processing time will be much faster.

With regard to waiting for FSW draw, no one other than IRCC knows when it will resume, It can be today or it can be some months from now. If you can spend the additional money required for OINP, then I will suggest you go for it.

Considering that u received NOI in this draw, your score is very good. In case FSW draw resumes and u receive ITA, you can, of course, accept it then, the only loss is the OINP application fees.

So I will suggest, Go for it, only downside I can think is application fees but u will have peace of mind:)

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Mar 24, 2020
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Hey guys. Can anyone here provide insight on the current processing times with OINP?


Jun 12, 2020
Hello, Please give me your feedback on the time taken to process POCI requests. I submitted my request on 18/05/2020 and I received an acknowledgment of receipt on 29/05/2020, and since then I have had no news. A friend of mine told me that the assessment of his request took only a week, and it has been 14 days now that i am waiting, and no returns until now. What do you think?


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Jun 28, 2018
My CRS is 422 and i got letter thorugh ONIP.
Did you apply directly to Ontario, or did you receive the letter all of a sudden in your EE profile. Are you part of CEC?

I've created the EE profile and expressed my interest in all provinces, I also have 2173 NOC and my CRS is 441, I've not received any invitation. Not sure if I did something wrong.


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Mar 1, 2020

I recently received NOI from Ontario . But this I got as single candidate. I am planned to get married soon. How can I include my spouse once I get married. Please note that I am yet to submit my document.

Thank you


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Jun 6, 2020
What is the minimum point score to apply for OINP?
I think any scores from 440 will be good if you look at the previous draws. Make sure you have the relevant work experience and find your noc code. Better chances if your field is in human capital priorities stream