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Only SINP - PNP Visa Questions

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by powerbyj, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Hi

    Post SINP related questions here.

    1. How much time does it take to get SINP visa?

    2. What are the charges?

    3. Is it faster? Why?


  2. 1)For time frame http://www.trackitt.com/usa-discussion-forums/provincial-nominees/169725175/saskatchewan-immigrant-nominee-program

    * These Procedural Guidelines apply to the SINP Skilled Worker, Family, Student,
    Health Professional, Long Haul Truck Drivers Project and Hospitality Sector Project

    Receiving an Application
     Applications are date stamped by Administrative Support Staff in the order that
    they are received in the SINP office. A file number is assigned to each
    application upon receipt.
     The Administrative Support Staff sends the applicant a ‘Receipt' letter.

     Applications are pre-screened by Information Verification Clerks (IVC) to ensure
    that only those applications that are complete and that meet ‘basic' criteria are
    accepted for criteria assessment.
     If the application is deemed “incomplete” by an Information Verification Clerk,
    the application is returned to the applicant with a letter indicating what documents
    are needed to meet pre-screening standards.
    Data Entry
     If the application is accepted for assessment, an Information Verification Clerk
    completes data entry of the documents provided.

     Files that have successfully passed the pre-screening stage are randomly assigned
    to an IVA for a basic review in order of the date received.
     The IVA completes a basic review to ensure that the applicant has provided
    sufficient documentation to meet the category's eligibility criteria and makes case
    notes on the file.
     If the application does not meet the basic review criteria, a letter is sent to the
    applicant requesting the necessary documentation to be provided within 45 days.
     When the SINP office receives additional documents, Administrative Staff will
    add case notes for receipt of additional documents and will distribute the
    documents to the appropriate IVA.
     A reminder letter will be sent at the half way point of the document deadline.
     If the documentation is not received within the 45 day timeframe the file will be
    distributed to an Immigration Officer for a final assessment of the application as it
    was originally submitted.
     After a file is considered complete or incomplete at the Basic Assessment stage,
    the file is assigned to an Immigration Officer for Criteria Assessment.

     An Immigration Officer reviews the work done by the IVA, ensuring the
    application has followed established policies.
     The Immigration Officer undertakes any further verification at his or her
     The Immigration Officer completes a final Criteria Assessment with detailed case
    notes and makes a final recommendation to a Manager.
     The file is randomly assigned to a SINP Manager for Recommendation Review.

     The Manager reviews the recommendation made by the Immigration Officer.
     If the Manager agrees with the recommendation he/she gives signed approval and
    forwards the application to the Administrative Staff to issue a nomination or
    return the application as ineligible as per the recommendation.
     The Manager may request further verification or review from the Immigration.

     Administrative Staff print nomination certificates and letters for approved
    applicants and ineligible letters for files that failed the review.
     The file is returned to the signing Manager for final signatures on all letters and
    nomination certificates.

     Administrative Staff prepare and send a nomination package to the applicant or
    the applicant's representative in Canada.
     Package includes:
    o Approval Letter
    o Work Permit Support Letter (if applicable)
    o Information for proceeding with an application for Permanent Resident Status.
     A Nomination Certificate is sent electronically to the appropriate visa office.


    1. Change of Visa Office - Immigration Officer will review requests to change the
    visa office to ensure consistency with R(11) of the Immigration Refugee
    Protection Act and to ensure the change is reasonable and in the best interest of
    the applicant and the program.

    2. Change of Individuals Included – Applicants must notify the SINP of any changes
    of family status that may effect his or her permanent resident application (nonaccompanying
    family members wishing to accompany, new births, marriage,
    i) The applicant must provide the request in writing with any necessary
    supporting documents to include or remove the person from the
    ii) An Immigration Officer will review the request to determine whether
    sufficient documentation and reason exists to add/remove an individual to
    the application for permanent residency.
    iii) The Officer may confer with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)
    to determine what stage of assessment the application is at and whether a
    change can be made at that time.

    3. Time Extension – Each nomination may receive one nomination extension of
    three months. If a second extension is requested the SINP will review the request
    on a case by case basis.

    4. Change of Employer - Please note that changing employers may affect an
    applicant's eligibility under the SINP.
    i) The applicant must provide the request in writing with the new job offer
    and the required employer forms. The request must clearly indicate why a
    new job offer is in the best interest of the applicant.
    ii) An Immigration Officer will review the request to determine whether the
    new offer will allow the applicant to still meet SINP criteria under the
    category that s/he originally applied through.
    iii) Any changes to the conditions of a nomination will be communicated to
    the visa post.
    iv) If the applicant is already working in the province on a temporary work
    permit that specifies which employer s/he may work for, s/he must apply
    for and obtain a new work permit before beginning to work for a new

    5. Withdrawal of Certificate by SINP
    i) SINP Immigration Officer or Manager receives notice of
    misrepresentation from Visa Office; application is returned to Immigration
    Officer for reconsideration
    ii) Immigration Officer makes recommendation to a Manager. If the SINP
    agrees with findings from the visa post, the SINP will withdraw the
    nomination certificate and document the reasons in the file notes.
    iii) If the Immigration Officer decides to maintain nomination, this is
    communicated to the visa post.

    The SINP will not nominate an application if the applicant fails to demonstrate the
    i) Adequate proof of meeting the criteria for the category applied to; and/or
    ii) Proof of the ability and intention to settle permanently in Saskatchewan.
    Applicants to the SINP also may not be approved if:
    i) Approval would affect any labour dispute or would negatively effect the
    employment of Canadian citizens;
    ii) Any documentation is found to be fraudulent;
    iii) Deadlines for submitting requested documentation are not met;
    iv) The application has been submitted through a third party representative who is
    currently prohibited from representing applicants through the program; and/or
    v) The application is a resubmission without a significant change in content or

    i) Applicants may reapply only when the applicant has addressed the reasons for
    the ineligible decision. The resubmitted application will be subject to the
    same processing times and procedures as all incoming applications.
    ii) Applicants who were refused by the SINP may still apply to CIC under a
    federal immigration class if they feel they meet the criteria

  3. I have submitted my SINP file on June 1st week and got file number also. Now, waiting for them to get response.

    It will be either, asking for missing documents or will directly get nomination letter.

    What do u say? Does anyone have any idea about it? How much time it will take?

    by the way, I am filing from India.
  4. hi, I just wanna know if where and how can I download the so-called "CODE OF CONDUCT" that's being required by CIC. I believe that the principal applicant needs to sign such. Pls advise. Thank you.
  5. hi there,
    i have applied for SINP skilled worker, i am in week 16 now, havent heard anything yet. except the file number i got after a week. by studying other cases, i assume that they actually open skilled worker file atleast after 5-6 month. so until your 6 months done, sit back and relax, its gonna be long ride. by the way, i am also from india.
  6. Hi Mysteryocean i am i sent my application in Oct. 2010 and i am still waiting has been gone almost 9 months since
  7. Are you also applying from India?
  8. Are you also applying from India?
  9. yes i did, actually i studied in canada, completed Bcom from saint mary's univ, halifax,NS, n then moved back to india, now i am applying from india.
  10. Why did u come back? Isn't it easy for u to apply from Canada? or SINP PNP visa is easy to get form India???
  11. i came back for business n family reasons, when i came back i wasnt sure if i wanna live in canada or not, its bit faster if you apply within canada for SINP coz document verification is easy for them hence processing your file. outside canada, it takes a bit more time for them to verify all documents.
  12. here it is..

  13. Hi to all

    I also submitted my complete SINP application with all necessary documents in mid of March 2011 to CHC London for PR.

    Now yet I did not receive any response like acknowledgement of application or any information from CHC London.

    It is normal behavior of CHC London or I have to make specific query to CHC London for my case.

    Please Oblige

  14. Which country you belong to? Generally you must get it, if you put it from London. But, if you put a file from another country, It will take time.
  15. Thanks for your assistance Mr. powerbjy

    I am belong from Pakistan.

    I would like to know that, In which shape or form CHC London will contact me, and what is the first step of my case.


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