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One little help, pls!!

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in South America' started by Mr Nobody, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone,

    My name is Daniel, i have 29 years old and i live in south Brazil, in my city have some canadians language schools, i mean schools of the kind that can facilitate the imigration process.
    Usualy you do the program, and when you are fluent enough, so you goes do the interview on the consulate, and if all is right, then you can travel.
    But are required other basic criterions wich i don't got, like universitary graduation or technical certificate, and registred experience on brasilian job document, for one year or more.
    My real profession is tattooist, and here the goverment don't give any documents for this, so if don't have other way, unfortunately i have to go start this my project from the zero.
    And it go cost me some three years and alot of money, so i ask help for some good soul to there: - Have other way to i get my cannadian "green card" ( i don't know the true name)?!!
    Becouse other day i listen in the street of my town, about one way through the curch, but i don't know which, neither how.
    Anybody can give me some help with this?...

    Sorry for my english, 8)and thank you all!

    Here my humble blog, wich im starting

    w w w.psychromatic.blogspot.com
  2. Hey. Im sorry to hear about your issue. I know alot of people make it to canada through a company that hires people abroad to work for them. They usually do all your paper work and most of the time they pay for everything. This is a pretty fast way to come into canada with a work permit but there is still no gaurantee you will be accepted. Since you know some english that will defenitly help. You can always go online and google job postings for people abroad. Try workopolis.ca or monster.ca. You can even simply just google "canadian jobs for people abroad" or something like that. You can also check in the service canada website for job postings. If you can get a lawyer they can help too just make sure the lawyer is trustworthy and not just going for your money. But its not necessary to have one. Hope this helps. Best of luck.
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  4. If you manage to find a Canadian citizen to act as a guarantee for you, it'll surely be easier to gain Canada working and permanent living permit.
  5. hmm. interesting. I am Canadian and here to figure out how to sponsor my husband...

    Your post interested me. My suggestion to you is to keep a portfolio of your work to prove you are an Artist. Tattoo artistry has got to be considered a skill!! There are loads of places for you to work either in any of the major cities. Absolutely. Although, I wouldn't know if they would be so keen to sponsor you... although, these might:

    jobbank dot gc dot ca enter your search as a tattoo artist ... I saw one posting for $75,000/yr!! as an experienced tattoo artist.

    You will have to take the IELTS to qualify your English. BRL500
    canadavisa.com slashielts slash preparation-online-course.html
    ielts dot org will help you find a testing office in Brazil

    Good Luck!
  6. Hello everybody and good evening. Well I wish people in here can help me with the information I seek. I am currently living in south Brazil a city called criciuma in Santa catarina. I wish to immigrate to Canada. I have a certificate in computer science for attending university for just two years and now in criciuma I am working as a Projectionist in a cinema. Please what ways is easy for me to immigrate to canada. Is getting visa in consulate in Brazil to Canada that difficult?what requirements do they consider for you getting a Canadian visa?thank you

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