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Now a landed immigrant and have left - but told still need a visa to re-enter??


Mar 4, 2009
Durban, South Africa
I am Canadian, my hustand is South African, we live in South African and my husband recently was awarded his immigration visa.

My husband went to Canada (from South Africa) for a week in order to 'validate' his immigrants visa. He had to do this as it expired on 15 May, but we are only ready to leave as a family for Canada on 15 June (tickets booked, paid for, everything). He is now back in South Africa and the next 6 weeks will be doing the last organisaion before we go, but all should be rosy because he has 'landed'.

HOWEVER - the immigration visa is 'single entry' only. The official on entry said he needs to get another visa, but NOT a visitors visa, to return to Canada. My husband already has a multi entry visitors visa in his old passport (we thought maybe we could transfer it), but the immigration officer said that was not the correct type of visa anyway since he was an immigrant now.

We have looked through the Canadian govt website but can't for the life of us determine which kind of visa he is supposed to be getting?

How bizarre that the immigration visa only lets you get into Canada once - the first time while you land!???

Any help please? We need to apply ASAP as we are heading there for good


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Jun 13, 2008
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Once he activates his PR status, they will mail him a PR card he will show every time he enters Canada. It takes about a month to get it in the mail. If you know somebody in Canada who can take delivery of the card, give their address. Then the card will be mailed to them after you have left and they can send it to you where you are. If that is not working out and he needs to return to Canada and does not have a PR card yet, he needs to ask the embassy what he needs. You should also ask about it when you land. At least one member on this board was told that he could enter again only with his landing documents and just tell them he doesn't have a PR card yet but you can also apply for a PR travel document at the embassy.