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NOVA Scotia Demand: Express Entry Category B (Lets Connect Here)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by ham90, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. You all are add to that group.
  2. please add me too +2348034172281. thanks
  3. Hello ham90 i have sent you a PM, pls add me to the group

  4. I think u r SINP OID applicant ?
  5. It would be good if you can share the group link, this will lessen your work :) I wish to be part of this group too.
  6. Pls add me +2347036414748
  7. No SINP EE.
  8. So what are u doing here?
  9. Because of rejection ........ Now I tried for Nova Scotia
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  10. Remeber the Job duties that cause my rejection.......
  11. All members are add to that group.
  12. please add my number 2348028562684. Many thanks

  13. Please add me India no. 91 9176128098
  14. Please also add me to your whatapps group +85577888984
  15. please add me +923454773634

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