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NOC code


Sep 24, 2019
Dear all

I have having problem figuring out my NOC code. I worked in Financial Reporting in an asset management company and have a MBA degree.

Can someone assist me in figuring out my correct NOC code. Below are my duties:

1. Maintained and further developed the management reports analyzing the economic, financial and development impact performance of our funds.

2. Liaising with the accounting team of the funds, providing inputs for the financial statements and preparing analyses based on the IFRS reports.

3. Prepared ad-hoc presentations and analyses for internal and external counterparties, including Boards, Investment Committees and Investors of the funds.

4. Played a key role in the implementation of a business intelligence system for data automation, analytical processing and reporting channels across our company.

5. Interaction with several teams at the company for responding queries, information sharing and addressing additional business requirements.

6. Played a fundamental role in the implementation of an in-house developed transaction management system for administrating the investment portfolios of our funds.

Many thanks in advance