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  1. *NO SALARY NEEDED* Looking for an Employer or Family who need the services of a Housekeeper. Can sacrifice to work for you irrespective of your location. But the issue is you won't pay me any amount of salary if you're ready to provide accommodation, meals and be accepted as part of the family as well as aiding and sponsoring me in terms of preparation and travelling to your location because I honestly do not have anything at all to help myself in travelling within the lowest distance. Just contact me if you are interested or help me connect to an employer if you know one. Don't think for a second that I'm fake, I'm totally serious and angrily looking forward for this opportunity, you will understand me later. Thanks.
  2. This isn't possible.

    You must be paid a salary to be approved for a work permit.
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  3. This is illegal..you cannot do that. I understand you might be desperate in finding a job in Canada, but keep your dignity and go through the right channels. Not getting paid for any job is immoral, unethical and downright abusive. Even prostitutes get paid, to use a crass example!
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  4. This is not right. Where ever you are pls dont degrade yourself. Time will come you will have your success. Its not only Canada can make you successful, there is another way. Dont let others make you a slave coz living in Canada without means is difficult. Praying for you dear and pls be kind to yourself.
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