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NO employment contract


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Oct 24, 2009
Hello everyone,

I just want to ask everyone's opinion about this. I am working here in USA under h1c visa which is a working visa valid only for 3 years. My problem is that the nurses (h1c visa) in our hospital do not have a formal employment contract, just an agreement. So I went to the HR to ask for one, but since we do not have an employment contract, HR said they will just give me an employment letter with all the important information needed to satisfy Canadian Immigration and they will notarize it. Do you think the Canadian Immigration will accept this? But I don't really have a choice since we really do not have an employment contract.

Second, is it okay to ask for one already. I just submitted my immigration application this January 23, 2010 and I do not have the 120 day deadline yet since I haven't received my AOR from CIC. Is it okay to prepare it in advance? The employment contract would probably look like a reference letter since we do not have a contract. Probably will take 2 months before I get the AOR from CIC.

Third, I am scared I won't be able to work as soon as possible in Canada. I am under 3152 (Registered NUrse). As you all know, even with 2 years experience in USA I'll be lucky enough to get permission to take the Nursing board exam there (Ontario). So I was planning to get another working visa here in USA (H1B now), if I do get one, I have to comply with the visa of 3 years before I can go to Canada. I know I am thinking in advance already hehe, If I do get to be an immigrant, I am wondering if I would still be able to remain a PR if I stay in USA for 3 years. My working visa will expire September 2010. Should I just pursue one, which is the Canadian Immigration?

Thank you all for replying. :-*