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New PR confirmation portal


Jul 15, 2021

I received first portal mail last week to my Employer's attorney email address instead of mail address which was there on my express entry profile and I got that portal mail attachment docs from them.

With that I sent mail to IRCC.ClientPortal-PortailClient.IRCC@cic.gc.ca confirming my personal email address in order to create portal account and share temporary password credentials. But it's been 3 days IRCC has not confirmed back with above details. Can I create portal account on my own and upload photos & Other details .. Is it valid ? Does anyone have done this and successfully got e-copr ? Kindly help me on this if someone have information on this .

VO # Etobicoke

Thank you.
you cannot open an account yourself unless you have a credentials mailed to you. Usually, you will receive second mail with account details user Id and temp password.


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May 21, 2021
Guys, I need your help.

I received PR confirmation portal on July 21 and was asked to reply some information. However, I am currently outside Canada and may not be able to return in next 6 months even if I have valid work permit.

1) Should I just reply them that I am outside Canada? But I am afraid this will transfer me as outland applicant and might take very long for COPR.
Or 2) Should I reply them that I am in Canada, and the PR card will be sent to my partner's home address. And my partner will mail me the card after.

Any suggestion?
In-Canada declaration. It says that "I have answered TRUTHFULLY to all questions".
So here you go. They will find out if you have been fraudulent in the long run.
You will have to reply to the email that you are currently outside Canada and has a valid WP, and will be back in 6 months.
They can either send you a PPR request and may take a while. This is up to the VO or whoever sent you the email.


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Feb 17, 2021
AOR - March 30, 2021
1st portal email - June 15th (replied same day with requested details)
2nd email Portal Credentials - June 16th (in Canada declaration, address, photo uploaded on same day)
eCOPR - June 23rd (Linked PR card application on my CIC account the same day)
1st GU on PR card application - July 14th
2nd update PR card approved & mailed - July 22nd

VO - Etobicoke.
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