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New PR confirmation portal



Jun 7, 2021
Here is the update for People who are waiting for eCOPR from May last week

Finally, I was able to speak to IRCC agent after almost waiting for a week and this is the response.

Q: I have submitted my information in Portal on May 30th. I still didn't get my eCOPR.
A: I was placed on brief hold, and then got the response that they got all the details they needed from me. Infact even my follow-up emails they (IRCC Agent) could see and told me, "your email clearly explains that you are inside Canada". At this point you need to wait patiently.

Q: I am seeing people who are receiving credentials in June are getting their eCOPR in 3 to 4 days where as mine crossed 18 days why this much delay?
R: It depends on officer who the file is assigned. If your file is assigned to an officer who has a huge backlog, he will try to clear on first come and first serve basis. So you really cannot compare with others.

Q: I am bit nervous, since its been more than 18 days and I didn't get COPR where as others who submited in June are getting in 3 to 4 days.
R: I know it would be stressful. But you need to wait. At this point, I can see your application has passed all the stages and its just we need to complete your Landing process which is delaying due to huge backlogs.

Q: My current work permit is expiring in 5 months, Do I need to apply for extension?
R: Ideally 4 months before expiry we recommend for extension. In your case since, your PR application is already in progress and if you apply for extension now it will be refused. So Wait patiently until 1 month before expiry and then apply for Bridge open work permit if you don't get eCOPR until then. But I don't expect it will that long as we are processing applications very fast.

Hope this clarifies all. So at this point, we need to wait patiently until we hear from them. Hope some magic will happen soon....
Thanks for the info, guess my officer has extremely huge backlog, waiting for Ecopr since May 8 (Etobicoke)
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Oct 2, 2020
Hey my COPR is valid only for 4 months...does it matter...will i get PR card between that time?
Don’t worry, bud. Print that sucker, sign it, and hold on to it tight each night you go to bed. The expiration date means nothing (it’s generally the same day your medical expires). You’re technically already a PR. Go out there and free your mind of any worries!


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Jun 6, 2020
guys just a question . some people receive email saying congratulations you are now a pr . some just get your case has been reviewed and ecopr is uploaded . are these both same things ?