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New PR confirmation portal



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Jul 23, 2017
Hello Everyone,
May anybody help me? Actually i got email from IRCC for PR confirmation portal. In which they are asking about my details
Etc etc.
Can you let me know the format to reply that email. If there is any. Or what should i write in that email? Except my details.
just reply them with the details they are asking simple,
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May 27, 2021

need help please. I am trying to link my gckey account with pr card. But it is giving me incorrect file num and I tried with another options too like given name family name. But nothing worked out.
Could somebody please help?
I tried with UCI and family Name. Try with all caps and per your passport details like place of birth. Also, I was able to link it after 5 days of eCoPR.


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Sep 18, 2020
I tried with UCI and family Name. Try with all caps and per your passport details like place of birth. Also, I was able to link it after 5 days of eCoPR.
Thank you, I tried with all possibilities but nothing worked.. I’ll keep trying..
Did you get your PR card??

Aman gill 233

Jun 12, 2021
Hi i got conformation portal on 8 th by my agent
He told me now i have to do everything
I reply same day .
i still didnt get any reply back
Or any login passport ?
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May 20, 2021
Hi guys , I got my eCOPR , and when I check my cic account it shows that my application is approved, do I have to do anything now? I heard some people were talking about linking applications or sth like that, and do you guys know were I can track my PR card? My address has been accepted but my pic is still under review in the portal
Can you please share your timeline? I’m waiting since 23rd May, I see some suggest to email IRCC, and others ask just to wait. Can you please tell if you have raised any webform or written any email?


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Apr 5, 2017
I finally received our eCOPR on pr portal. My timeline:

AOR July 29, 2020 cec inland
Pr portal email: May 30
Pr portal 2nd email: June 8
eCOPR: June 11
PR card: waiting

a question I have if someone knows the answer; I renewed our passports and did webform them after pr portal access and received the receipt email but now on copr I see our old passport number. Should I be worry about it?
Guys, should I contact IRCC to change my passport number on eCOPR? or can I be with it until receive the PR card? because I am going to apply for sin number so I think that's the only place I need before PR card.


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Jun 6, 2020
can someone please tell me - after submitting photo and address , how long it takes to receive copr ? and do we get any notification that copr is ready now ? ottawa offic
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Nov 25, 2020
Thanks! :) When I tried doing so, it says "Based on the information you entered, we found no applications."
Do I just have to wait and try again later?

Also, when does the actual "Permanent Residency" application on the CIC account get updated? It's still showing as last updated in January for the medical exam lol
@PrasadK PR application got updated after I was issued e-copr. However, it's not consistent for everybody. And while linking your application, Please try to match the Place of birth with passport, Place and State. It should work.
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