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Need (GET Ielts Band 9 Task 1 writing general & task 2)



Sep 5, 2020
Can someone review this and provide feedback?

Writing Task 1:


You are facing a problem with your neighbour. Explain the problem along with how long you have been facing the problem. Also explain what you should do about it.

Dear Henry,

I am writing this letter to discuss a persisting problem I have been facing owing to your vehicle parking habits.
Yesterday I noticed your SUV parked right in front of my home's main door. I have come to realise that this is not a one-off incident and, in fact, has been the case for a month now. In addition, your car was parked in a way that prevented more than one person from entering at the same time. Not only does this make it difficult for anyone to enter, but also makes exiting the home considerably problematic. The person impacted the most by this persisting problem is my mother who, as you already know, requires an electronic wheelchair for mobility.
While there are several other locations to park your car, I see far greater value in seeking a permanent solution. Therefore, I urge you to build a garage for yourself. Although I believe it’s your responsibility to finance a garage, I will be happy to meet you half-way.
Typically constucting a garage takes close to a week. Nevertheless, I will allow you a month to bring this issue to closure. This is, most definately, in the best of both our interests.


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Sep 24, 2018
Governments give a lot of support to artists, even though some people think it is a waste of money that could have been used elsewhere.Discuss both views and give your opinion?
An artist receives too much assistance from local government while some argued that money should be utilized on other neccessary matters rather than wasting on artists . I agree with this statement that government should take notice of important tasks on priority basis for a developed nation .
On the one side , artists performs national representation at international level for earning name and fame in field through competition .As we know that not a single task is easy to master whether it is a game or dance, all this demands enthusiasm and dedication towards goal which is impossible for everyone to achieve . Therefore, this is not a big deal if a government is sending funds or prizes to artist because without money capability is nothing in today's world .
On the other side, for a developing nation such as India , discoveries in each and every field has been essential for the growth of a nation .Government should assist scientists for inventing treatment for death causing diseases such as cancer and free of cost treatment for every citizen so that nobody can die because of lack of money.In addition , free education to poor children must be provided so that they could stand on their feet one day .
In conclusion, although artists represents a nation but fulfilling basic amenities of citizens in relation of food , education and health has been prioritized by the governments.
Please review my essay