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my brother accidentally overstayed!

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by krowais_1, Jan 12, 2018.

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  2. You had posted the same query two days ago where you were also advised. That entire thread has been deleted
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  4. Think the Thread got closed as it was getting a little abusive.
  5. Yes, you're right. It was starting to get abusive and nasty when I last read that thread
  6. @Bryanna @Buletruck please help me
    Actually i applied for my pr application from inside canada .But i forgot to mention my previous two refusals .
    But somehow i realized my mistake before officer asked me. And i sent updated form through CSE in last july.
    Do you think i still fall under misrepresentation for claiming that i forgot to mention when sent my initial application. Please reply
  7. Difficult to say as it’s dependent on the VO reviewing your application. However, the fact you corrected your mistake before it was too far along in processing and before you were sent a fairness letter (thus faris positive. Have you applied for gcms notes?
  8. Thanx for your reply.8Yeah i ordered my notes in october .and it was mentioned thar corrected 5669 form recieved and there was nothing negative till then and in november i recieved Medical request.
  9. Sounds like they accepted the correction. IMO, if they had felt there was misrepresentation, they would have sent a fairness letter fairly soon after discovering it. I don’t think they would waste a lot of time on an application they aren’t going to process without good reason.
  10. I hope so ! Thank you once again

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